Rudd faces losing his own seat

Kevin Rudd is going down, even in his own seat of Griffith. The Aussie election is heading towards a bloodbath.

PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd says he will keep fighting in the face of a new poll that shows he faces losing his seat of Griffith in the upcoming election.

The Guardian Lonergan poll puts Liberal candidate Bill Glasson ahead of Rudd on a two-party preferred basis by 52 per cent to 48 per cent.

“The bottom line is this is an election and, as you all know, we enter an election on this occasion as the underdog so we’re up against it,” Mr Rudd said while appearing on Channel Ten’s The Project.

“But I’m a fighter and I will fight and I will fight and I will fight.” 

Senior Liberals are confident the Prime Minister’s Brisbane electorate is “in play”.

The Coalition will intensify efforts to win Mr Rudd’s seat – held with a margin of 8.46 per cent – in a move likely to force the PM to spend more time protecting his own backyard.

News Corp Australia understands the Coalition’s internal polling suggests Griffith has tightened up considerably.

The shock Guardian Lonergan poll of 958 voters suggests Mr Rudd could follow the lead of John Howard, who was turfed out of his own seat of Bennelong when he lost the prime ministership in 2007.

It will raise a dilemna for Labor strategists about how to deploy the PM in the remaining two weeks of the campaign.


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  • Agent BallSack

    Labor Australia have the same problem as Labour NZ. People just fucking hate them. Doesnt matter if you change the leader or not, people have realised unions and greenies are no longer relevant. And Greens in government cost taxpayers more. It’s going to take a while for NZ Labour to catch on though, theyre pretty thick.

    • James

      To be honest, and having just got back from working in Oz the last few weeks, I think that Labor Oz have it worse. Aussies actively hate Labor – whereas with Labour NZ most people just don’t see their relevance.

      • Agent BallSack

        Ozzies cant forgive Gillard for cozying up to the luddites. Look at how much resources that are now locked up over there due to Green policies. Which is why we need 1 term of Greens here to put everyone off them for good. But the damage may be irreparable.

  • Michael

    Wouldn’t that be a shame. Wonder if Labor will know what to do in October as all the senior MPs seem to be quitting or losing their seats.

  • And now Rudd is copping a kicking for being rude to the woman who was doing his make-up before the TV debate in Brisbane the other night

    • johnbronkhorst

      colour me SSSOOO surprised!