Saturday General Debate



Welcome to Saturday’s General Debate.  As you might have seen from an earlier post, Cam is away this weekend culling goats in a location well away from the National Party Conference, so he shouldn’t be generating any unwanted headlines for next week.

He has worked hard to put some posts up in advance, but the rest of the Team will take the opportunity to fill any remaining gaps.  I personally have a whole bunch of photos that never really fit anywhere but I still think may be worth 5 seconds of your attention.

If any of you feel like helping out, write a post and send it to petalwobh AT  You too could be famous.


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  • Rodger T

    Back to the Future , hi ho……………… errr ……Dobbin

  • BobaJob

    That reminds me of my first post. Didn’t have anyone to hug me better though :.(

  • Liberty

    Where can I buy a ” zip it sweetie mug”

  • Polish Pride

    Food for thought

  • Allan

    what has got me perplexed over the last few weeks is with all the people protesting the GCSB bill, do they not realise that the SIS already has the powers to do the traditional surveillance that they are panicking about? Everything I have seen so far seems to be about bringing the GCSB legislation into the same line as the SIS
    Here is an excerpt from the current SIS laws to illustrate my point:

    Functions of New Zealand Security Intelligence Service

    (1) Subject to the control of the Minister, the functions of the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service shall be—

    (a) to
    obtain, correlate, and evaluate intelligence relevant to security, and
    to communicate any such intelligence to such persons, and in such
    manner, as the Director considers to be in the interests of security:

    (b) to
    advise Ministers of the Crown, where the Director is satisfied that it
    is necessary or desirable to do so, in respect of matters relevant to
    security, so far as those matters relate to departments or branches of
    the State services of which they are in charge:

    (ba) to advise any of the following persons on protective measures that are directly or indirectly relevant to security:

    (i) Ministers of the Crown or government departments:

    (ii) public authorities:

    (iii) any person who, in the opinion of the Director, should receive the advice:

    Yes I know this has all be put in place as a bit of a monumental back pedal to cover some rather exposed asses, but come on if the spying is being done with all the approved warrants as is the status quo for the SIS I really don’t see the problem!