Saturday General Debate

Someone once told me

One man’s dead, cold, wet fish is another man’s Sushi

Snapper Sushi

Snapper Sushi

Labour Party president Moira Coatsworth has decreed with a 13 page rule booklet that the “Presidential” leadership battle may only be positive.

Does this not hint at the fact that no matter the amount of public assurances that the next Labour leadership is an open question, the reality is that David Cunliffe‘s ascension is predetermined?

Andrew Little has been promised a run at the next leadership in return for ensuring that the unions fall into line behind Cunliffe.  Helen Kelly has been promised a list position for delivering the same outcome.  The rainbow faction has now been marginalised as those previously protecting Shearer have moved in behind Cunliffe.  Their consolation prize is that Robertson will remain as Deputy.

How do you feel about the next few weeks?  Bored before it even starts?  Should we hold a poll as to how long they’ll stay nice for? How unnatural to have a leadership race where the very talent they are to be chosen for – to be NOT nice like David Shearer – is not allowed to be on display?

This is Saturday’s General Debate, and the floor is yours to give us your opinion of what is going on.


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  • Kendall


  • CheesyEarWax

    So thats the price to get union supports. If Little and Kelly are the future of Labour talents then bloody hell, theres no hope.

    • Hazards001

      For us maybe but the truth is Labour was founded on the back of the union movement.
      Even before Clark took over Labour have been dominated by the queers,steers and dykes with their Arts degrees and academic backgrounds and zero working life experience.
      Personally I find Kelly offensive and Little to be a repugnant little man with an over inflated sense of his own worth. Still at least they represent the type of values Labour was founded on as opposed to the limp wristed Chardonnay swilling liberals that have dominated in the last 15 years aligning themselves more and more with the lay about drug taking hippie entitled scumbags of the moon baying lunatic fringe.

      • Roland

        Dont hold back, tell us how you really feel…

  • LabTested

    I’ve just got back from a month away. Chatting with the ex about why Shearer resigned. I mentioned GCSB debate & she said ‘what is that’. this is a professional working mum who (does not watch Campbell barely alive) has never heard of GCSB. Bought home to me just what a beltway issue it was

    • Whafe

      I had the same discussion, not with my ex, but a work mate, a professional guy, 60 years old, he had no clue about the GCSB, I was stunned… But hey, not a big thing for him… There will be many many more am sure..

  • Whafe

    It is a total yawn, this whole Labour Leader crap…..
    You can paint a rusty car with a coat of paint and not expect the rust to die…
    Rust never sleeps…
    Like the factions within the NZ Labour Cluster Fuck Party never sleep

    • OT Richter

      Installing a new Labour leader is like polishing a turd.

  • jaundiced

    Some good commentary from Fran O’Sullivan in the Herald this morning on how security legislation should involve co-operation across parties…,

    ‘Long-serving Labour Prime Minister Helen Clark had done just that with the National Opposition when the initial legislation was enacted. Like Key, Clark was privy to the nation’s secrets. In an interview with the Nelson Mail this week, Clark said she had been both GCSB and Security Intelligence Service minister, and had also sat alongside National PM Jenny Shipley when the SIS legislation was reviewed.

    “A lot of the things that I suggested got picked up. Traditionally there has been a lot of co-operation between the Government and the main Opposition – but it requires both to walk some steps.”

    The Nelson Mail reported Clark said that from her experience as a minister, she could say “without equivocation” that the people in both agencies were very loyal and professional public servants.

    “Secondly, we need them, because the world is not an innocent and happy place.”

    Third, when it was decided that the law needed to be changed, “I think things always go better if there’s an ability to have an open dialogue across the parties”.

    Unfortunately, today’s Labour Party is so hooked into opposition for opposition’s sake that it would rather end up publicly shackled to the personage and rhetoric of the dubious Kim Dotcom and tugged every which way by the Green Party than take the hard steps to position itself as the real leader of the opposition parties and forge a compromise with the Government when needed.’

    • Whafe

      Great post, for being the opposition for the sake of being the opposition, many have failed in that the ammenments put through enable the opposition to be far more involved in all things GCSB…
      Labour, the continual cluster fuck

      • LabTested

        Herald has not put this story on their android app.

        • OT Richter

          How will you make it through the day?

          • LabTested

            Very easily. I will explain it slowly for you. The Herald is selective about what stories it puts on its mobile apps. The Fran O’S story does not fit with the normal Herald narrative & it is telling that they did not make it widely available

          • OT Richter

            If it does not fit with the normal Herald narrative, then why would they post it on their 100x (?) more read website? Please explain that slowly for me.

          • BobaJob

            That was a Masterful use of pure logic of mindless rhetoric.

    • GazzW

      O’Sullivan also quoted Kelly’s policy of gerrymandering the union vote. WTF is going on when Barnett/Coatworth have confirmed that the party policy disallows block voting. Keeping this mob of aspirants and their followers in line will be like herding cats. There will be blood on the floor before the week is over.

    • Helen Clarke sounds like scratched record, hasn’t added to the debate in any way either.

      • AnonWgtn

        But she is still in New Zealand – perhaps she wants Shearer’s seat again in return for a UN job.
        She can double dip -normal Labour practice.

        • Testing the water by the sounds, I’d expect she’ll split sometime soon.

  • thor42

    I see that Otago have won the Ranfurly Shield after 56 looooong years – well done, Otago!

    I reckon Otago hard-man David Latta will be on such a high that he’ll be running a nude lap of the Octagon every night for a month…… ;)

    Geez…. it’s been so long since they held the shield that not even big Keith Murdoch back in the 70’s would have been in a shield-holding team. Amazing.

    • Hazards001

      Dunedin will be going ORF!

      • Roland

        Party @ Tony Browns

  • Col

    As I said before “let the games begin” but I think I would rather enjoy watching 2 snails having a race than worry about who the Labour leader will be, they just don’t have anyone worth while, and until they learn too stop throwing knives at each other nothing will change.

    • opusx

      If Cuntliff wins will Robertson stand behind him?

      • OT Richter

        Yes, to stab him in the back.

        • opusx

          With his blunt instrument ;-)

        • FredFrog



  • dyannt

    Over the next few weeks, could we have one day a week when the Labour leadership debate is not mentioned? Maybe Sunday? (Nothing to do with religion.)

    • AngryTory

      There won’t be one day a week in the next year when we don’t hear about Labour’s fuckuppage –

      and hopefully not one day in the next year when we don’t hear that a government that doesn’t involve the single largest party in parliament will widely be seen as illegitimate.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Just on Yahooxtra.

    “Australia’s shadow treasurer Joe Hockey has praised the New Zealand economy and says Australia can learn lessons from the way it is managed.

    “Your economy is doing so well. You’ve got your act together in New Zealand,” he told TV3’s The Nation programme on Saturday.”
    Piece titled: Hockey praises New Zealand economy.

    • LabTested

      He also wanted to buy Richie McCaw. Offered Australia’s entire GDP

  • AnonWgtn

    Kelly will get Rongotai as Annette King retires, probably soon – before the 2014 election.

    • opusx

      Kelly getting anything is scary…brrrrrrrr.
      And poor Annette King will never get to be Queen. So sad.