SFWU ripping off low paid workers?

Is the Service and Food Workers Union (SFWU) over-charging members? ?- Observation by the Owl

The Owl loves to do his own homework and only ever uses information available in the public?domain.

But today I have broken that rule because the piece of information sent to me is very worthwhile?and one that I believe is for the good of all cleaners and SFWU members to know about.


A cleaner at their first job of 30 hours would have $6.24 per week deducted from their wages (by the employer) for union fees.

A cleaner at their second job of 10 hours plus would have $5.10 per week?deducted from their wages (by the employer) for?union fees?

A grand total of $11.34 or $589.68 (in other terms the union member would have had to work?close to two weeks to pay for their total annual union fee ? however that is not my point)

Where is the discount?

The SFWU table below shows quite clearly that an employee with one employer has only to pay?$7.26 at 40 hours per week.

That?s a whopping $4.08 per week or $212.16 p.a. LESS ? now that?s a lot of money going out from?low paid cleaner?s wages for argument sake who generally have two or three jobs. Most people?aligned with SWFU would be in that category. Its looks like this formula has been in place for years.

Question to the SFWU by the Owl?

1. SFWU please explain and how many other Union members suffer this fate?

2. Will the SFWU repay their over-charging?

3. Is there somewhere that Union members can clarify the fee charging on the SFWU website?when there is one or more employers that a SWFU member works for?

Observation by the Owl

If I was a member I would be seeking clarification straight away and see if there is a discount policy?or an ability to reclaim overpayment of fees based on discrimination on how many employers I work?for.

Here are the SFWU Fees from October 2012 ? they get renewed in October 2013 ? let?s see if SFWU?change their policy and give an early Xmas present for SFWU members