Shameless- Labour using parliament to push leader contenders

Corin Dann has tweeted:

This is an outrageous use of parliament to push the leadership aspirations of the 3 #Laboursgottalent contenders.

Not only that but it appears that they are using parliamentary funding to fly all over the country seeking Labour party members votes.

I think the Speaker is going to have to have a word with Labour.


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  • JB Sails

    It is rather blatant isn’t it. Blatant misuse of question time. Hopefully Ministers will see right through this and treat accordingly with their answers.

  • sheppy

    I sincerely hope Key demolishes the lot of them, then again perhaps going easy on the weakest candidate could be the way to go

    • Auto_Immune

      perhaps going easy on the weakest candidate could be the way to go

      Yeah, that’s the thing. This could end up being a false test to determine who’s the most fearsome debater. I wonder if they thought of that?

  • Looking forward to your analysis/reaction and (hopefully) video action later today.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    neh – Speaker would do nothing as this is considered part of a healthy democracy bro.

    Each question will be a sharp arrow that will pierce John Key. I understand John Key won’t be in the parliament today as he is escaping out to open a rest home for National MPs after 2014 election….

  • Blue Tim

    I look forward to the media putting acid on this blatant abuse. Oh gosh, look at that pig flying past

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      MSM will not suppress democracy. Time for you to take an early lunch bro….

  • Wazza

    Bullshit. They should be funding their own campaigns. I hope they rip each other apart in the process. Nothing is quite as good as the Labour Party tearing themselves apart

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Labour will be united bro. All three candidates have promised that.

      • andrew carrot

        The vein of sarcasm runs deep in you it does young Sidekick

    • le sphincter

      Going and doing meet and greet with voters….
      Thats what Mps do ?

      Then again they could fly around to catch up with friends or go fishing

  • blokeintakapuna

    Is this another of Auntie’s “pledge card” attempts? Surely the Labour Party should be footing all their own costs with trying to find a ring-master?
    Surely the long-suffering tax payer doesn’t have to pay again for these clowns to prance about NZ trying to appear credible and statesmanlike?
    Please Mr. Speaker / AG keep a very close eye on their expenditure!

  • DavidW

    Does anyone have an email address for the Speaker or will he get a GCSB report on who has used the term “Parliamentary Expenses” since Shearer resigned?

    I would like to know who is buying the tickets and accommodation for the 3 stooges tiki tour of NZ. I would also like to know if campaigning for a by-election is “Parliamentary Business”

    Another question would be to seek to know if Shearer has been granted leave to stay away from Parliament (if he is not there) on full pay and perks as he is officially still the Leader of the Opposition.

    Mr Speaker, you are welcome to post a comment clarifying these points in the interests of transparency.

  • Is it smart?

    It allows National to control who looks capable and who doesn’t.

    Won’t you, National ;)

  • cows4me

    Fuck they’re like school kids fighting over who gets to be hall monitor.

    • richard.b

      Thats second prize. First prize is assistant hall monitor.

  • Are they all asking the Shearer Question; “To the Prime Minister; does he stand by all his statements?”?

    • rangitoto

      Yep. Any candidate showing originality will be immediately rejected.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Folks – Chippie has spoken…so the matter is settled…

    Labour whip Chris Hipkins said the candidates were being very careful about making a clear distinction between Parliamentary and campaign-related expenses.

    He stressed that the MPs would continue doing their Parliamentary jobs while they campaigned for the leadership position.

  • Michael

    Ah Corin Dann… reminded me to look up when it was he said that Shearer’s leadership had “stabilised” and would “springboard” to gain “strength”. That was 23 days ago. Corin Dann is an idiot.