Shameless RTD promotion

Pinko blogger David Farrar celebrated his 10 years of arts, fitness and travel blogging by hosting a party.

One of those stumping up was paymaster and RTD producer Independent Liquor. (David Farrar thanks them here)

Cactus Kate calls them “Liquid Panty Remover” recognising they’re designed for young girls, and in this case female Young Nats and lothario Jordan Williams.


Part-time lobbyist Mark Unsworth (who surprisingly is now the in-house PR guy for Independent Liquor) throws in his comment saying “Love that RTD”.

Good on DPF for surviving 10 years… but his man card is still in question for serving alcopops for his guests.

For a little bit of enjoyment, here is Jane Clifton’s keynote address…all about David.


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  • richard.b

    Was your invite lost in the post?

    • I didn’t allow him to go. He’s got work to get on with.

  • GregM

    You should get your own product out there Cam.
    That’ll fuck him.

    • 5%?


    • 5% is a bit gay

      • GregM

        Aww come on you lot, I was trying to be responsible for once.
        It won’t happen again. :-}

  • LionKing

    Cactus is right – plough young chicks with RTDs and they’re easy as. Especially those impressionable YNs. No wonder Farrar had them at his piss up.

    • Richard McGrath

      Dotcon has probably bought a case of them for the PM’s daughter…

  • DLM

    lol who the ruck would want to promote RTDs? Oh that’s right a large booze company trying to get their hooks into MPs and political junkies. Wonder what Alcohol Healthwatch would have to say about this?

    • Naylor

      lolly water RTD drinks are targeted at young impressionable girls. Hook them young and all care and no responsibility about binge drinking and what happens once they’ve had too many to know what’s going on. No wonder Jordan Williams was there.

  • maninblack

    farrar is still trying to get a root, so he would have laid on the RTDs to help this case massively.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Well done DPF! He’s gone from a at bastard to a trim shadow of his former self that even Cactus might do ;)

  • Chris

    Was Mallard there?

  • ozbob68

    How many does Kate need to drink before I need to be afraid?