Shearer is gone, but who next?

I said yesterday that I couldn’t believe a caucus stitch up hadn’t already been prepared to avoid letting the muppets of the membership hamstring the party with their choice.

I say a deal hasn’t been done because surely if it had they’d have presented that already to the media instead of putting Hipkins to act all petulant and pathetic.

You can’t call the knifing of David Shearer a coup because all they have really done is feed him to the fishes without having worked who the next fish food was going to be.

The word is that the final straw was his secret meeting with John Key so it wasn’t Labour who finished him off, more so John Key who joins Helen Clark as a Prime Minister who has seen off three opposition leaders.

Enough of that, who is next?  

David Cunliffe has to be the favourite, both logically and politically. He has the support of the members, and the unions, but not caucus. I’m picking him to lead. I’m picking him for selfish reasons though, because I want to see him gut Chris Hipkins like the proverbial snapper for his comments at last years conference. It allows simmering discontent to continue for weeks until he finally knifes him, along with his henchman pal Trevor Mallard.

Andrew Little, might have the support of the EPMU but is widely disliked and is a scum List Mp to start with. He couldn’t even win New Plymouth against Jonathan Young. His anger management problem and short man syndrome will prove his un-doing. If you can’t beat Jonathan Young in an electorate or Crusher in the house then you are going to fail as a Labour leader.

Grant Robertson, a fat, lazy poof…now you might think that is intolerant but I have been listening to talk back yesterday when caller after caller rang in saying they were hard core Labour voters out west, the proverbial Waitakere Man and they weren’t having a bar of a poof to lead Labour. It is one thing to let poof marry but wuite another to let them lead the country. This isn;t my view, as I think Grant Robertson, after a lifetime of political grooming and no real job is perfectly placed the modern Labour party. He has considered himself the heir apparent since the day he was selected as deputy, put his feet up on the desk and declared to his staff that “this is brilliant, I’ll be the next leader, all I have to do now is wait till Shearer fucks up”.

Shane Jones, the man ho door-stepped his mate David Shearer and gave him the bad news…not sure he fir for purpose, but would be hilarious in the role. he has mongrel but forever the porn indiscretion will haunt him.

Jacinda Ardern, same pedigree as Grant Robertson. She is really only a collection of bumper stickers and photo opportunities. She is the hand bag of the has-beens who take her as their partner to all manner of liberal elite events. She has all the political depth of a car park puddle, but would look good as a deputy, like the hood ornament on the bonnet of a Ford Edsel.


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  • Whafe

    Liabour will continue to be the gift that keeps giving.
    How can a party that wishes to manage (well they struggle with that) the party like a matrix organisation for want of a better word, when there is faction after faction within the Liabour Party whom have their own agenda’s, couple this with no actual true leadership.
    And there is no one in the wings with Leadership Qualities.
    Little – Yeah right, a nasty little man. And when Ma ma ma Mathew is backing him has the shining light. Give me strength. (Ma ma ma ma Mathew, you don’t count until you pay your tax)
    Cunliffe – Yeah right. He is no more left than Bob Jones is. I mean come on. Along with his own self dissatisfaction he is white, constantly wishing to be a ghetto rapper.
    Robertson – Again, Yeah right…. The proverbial try hard vindictive wanna be.
    Shane Jones – Talks sense, but still feel in reality he is in the wrong party…..
    Need I go on, Liabour is the full gamut cluster fuck

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Fuck me, they shouldn’t bother with a replacement, it’s not like they have any talent. No matter who they choose though, it’ll have the same effect as putting a photo of Fenton on condom wrappers.

    • dumbshit

      that would be apt for corduroy joes

  • David

    I Still think Labour is moving to co-leaders aka the greens and Maori parties.
    Cunliffe andArden are my picks.

  • conwaycaptain

    Love your description of Socialist Cindy

  • Quintin Hogg

    Your description of Robertson is harsh, but fair.

  • LesleyNZ

    A loud mouth Mongrel? A Unionist? A Poof? A Porno? A girl? No to all of them – especially so H3. The Labour Party are no longer relevant to the Kiwi in the street. Annette King should stand. She sounds quite nice on a Wednesday.

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      Annette King, the voice that shatters small children. Don’t think so. Who else? I know it’s slim pickings an’ all.

      • AnonWgtn

        No – Annette is clever enough with a huge pension not to stand in Rongotai.
        Helen Kelly wants she gets, now with the new Unionised rules, for the Labour Party.
        But she will have to take a wage cut in Parliament until she become PM.

  • thor42

    I think “youse fullas” Cunners will be the leader. Could be a very messy few months, given that he’s not supported by caucus. He also looks like a weasel or a used-car salesman when he smiles – not a great look.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Not just looks,….but he is more of a snake oil salesman.

      • BobaJob

        He’s doing fish oil as well now isn’t he?

    • blueballs

      I always liken Cuntliffe to a reterded version of Russell Crowe, sort of a mentally challenged older brother if you will.

    • Dumrse

      Re – Cunners, I’m hearing ya…. He’s gotta be better than that little unionist cunt.

  • middleagedwhiteguy

    Cunliffe would be a move to the center for a party that has worked hard to position itself more to the left. I think he would be the best leader, but considering how many people he has pissed off in the caucus, he could struggle as much as Shearer. He would also bring Trevor Mallard to a higher profile.

    Robertson is a problem. Leaving his work ethic aside, his sexuality would be to the fore as leader. Labour has long had a grip on the south Auckland electorate base as well as Mana in Wellington, which have a high Pasifika demographic. The Pasifika community is also christian conservative. Join the dots there…..

    Little would cement the move to the left, and given the new voting rules for labour, has to be considered. In a three way race he could well be kingmaker with the union block.

    Jones is likeable, a man you would want to have a beer with, but not the man you would want representing your country on the world stage.

    • johnbronkhorst

      “…but not the man you would want representing your country on the world stage.”
      That applies to the whole labour (layabout) caucus!!!

  • LesleyNZ

    I heard Matt McCarten this morning . He likes Andrew Little.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Likes…….or LIKES ;)?

      • LesleyNZ

        Who knows these days?

    • That just proves McCarten is completely and totally irrelevant.

  • johnbronkhorst

    david cunliffe: Nasty little dweeb,
    andrew little: little, nasty dweeb,
    shane jones; sexual miscreant with an entitlement attitude.
    grant robertson: manipulative little deviant.
    jacinda ardern : superficial face of socialism, can’t utter a word without first referring to her large print version of bumper sticker quotes by Marx.

  • GazzW

    Blood on the floor coming up. McCarten is already talking up Little on ZB News this morning (the main headline too). Little is creaming his pants for that job and the unions have paid for him to secure it. The unions would love to run this country again. Only problem for Little and the unions is that there’s no way modern NZ will go back to the 70s.

    • Macca

      I hope they vote Little in for just that reason Gazz. I reckon he’d be the death knell for Labia. It’s amazing how many of our knowledgeable media are singing his praises as the new savior of the nation – let them keep singing! McCarten supporting him speaks for itself – sort of like Minto backing Hone!

      • AXjarv

        ‘Minto backing Hone’ – The anti-racist now backs the racist. Unbelievable.

  • blokeintakapuna

    A joint co-leadership? To keep up with the Greens?
    …and now the world will get to see just how dysfunctional and splintered Labour have been and will continue to be. Even if they somehow present a new “leader” quickly – those that take even a passing interest in NZ politics will know that there’s some serious ill feeling within internal factions.
    Interesting to see Clark was on the same flight as Shearer – but on screen she tried to lie by saying “she isn’t involved with NZ politics now” but could barely speak it as she had the biggest grin from ear to ear. Corngate, paintergate, speedgate – now the MSM can call her out on more of her lies and deceit about that issue.
    Seems the gravitational pull from the NY office is enough to cause seismic ructions all the way to Labour’s HQ – even though she isn’t involved in NZ politics these days!
    Liar Liar pants on fire Helen Clark … and she lied, unconvincingly on camera to all of NZ – so hopefully that rules out her return – phew!

    • mike

      She’s found a bigger trough to feed from these days, she isn’t coming back.

  • BobaJob

    Forget that lot. Labour needs a hero. A real leader, a winner, someone who can fearlessly stare down any opposition. Someone who can read the public mood and recognise the right time to make the right moves on issues Kiwi’s really care about. Someone with youth and vigour. Someone who will stand up and be counted. Someone who can unit all parties on the big issues of the day and even get legalisation passed while being in opposition.

    Leader: Lousia Wall
    Deputy Leader: Annette King

    Edit: repost from

    • Col

      What do you have in your coffee?

      • BobaJob

        AngryTory’s meds!

    • spollyike

      Perfect, i hope these two get the jobs, for the sake of all NZ’ers;)

  • Col

    I like Jacinda, because her set of teeth could send most men too there knees.
    Jacinda is a wolf in SHEEPS cloths? Here today gone tomorrow.
    Labour will still have problems for a few years to come, they are not sticking together, to many back stabbers.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Read it on here somewhere by another commentator that Labour’s next PM still hasn’t left Intermediate school yet…

  • GregM

    If Cunners has any brains he will stand aside until after the election. My pick is that the unions are going to play hardball and get their man Little in. Interesting times ahead.

    • Random66

      Can you imagine Little with Kelly as his sidekick (shudder). I heard someone yesterday saying that Cunners and Ardern would be the dream team as they would come across as young and dynamic and capable of taking Labour into the future. There is just nothing good in any option as far as I can see.

      • AngryTory

        Thanks in large part to Whale, they’ve fucked ’emselves real good.

        The big winner for the next 4 years is National, and after that, the Greens.

      • GazzW

        The problem with a Cunliffe/Ardern team is that both are from Auckland so it wouldn’t happen.

    • AngryTory

      Cunners is stupid enough to think he could lose (closely) next year, and not get rolled himself.

      I don’t think Little is that dumb, and besides the Unions don’t need their man in the top seat: given that the unions basically pay for and own the labour party, they’ll get what they want anyway.

      But with Labour in disgrace and collapsing, perhaps Key will finally let J-L R (& Crusher & Basher) have their head — no unions for government employees, and no union money in politics!

    • BobaJob

      Cunners will only have to lift the poll rating a bit. Everyone knows it’s a bit of hospital pass. He’ll do much better in 2017 if labia don’t get in this time with the support of the other left parties.
      I was surprised to hear NZ First is now a left party according to the MSM on one of the 6 o’clocks the other night.
      Anyway coalition forces are gathering and DC will lead them.

      • AngryTory

        Cunners will only have to lift the poll rating a bit

        yeah – what a pity the spot polls have silent T polling just behind Wussel and Weteria… and Key well clear of 50%.

        NZ just hates squabbling parties. Just hate’s ’em.

  • Bryan

    well maybe we are about to see a unique moment in history with both NZ and AUST Labour partys looking for new leaders with the polls on the aust election looking like they are going to lose bad over there so the question is who will go down the worse so it could be a very interesting next 3 weeks

    • AngryTory

      In NZ at least, we could be about to see something like Canada in 1993, or Westminster in 1935 – where a “major” party ceases to exist in a single election.

      I’ve heard some early polling for the Greens have ’em 1% up on Labour… but cold comfort to ’em as they seeing the Nats on 54% :-)

  • JC

    “The word is that the final straw was his secret meeting with John Key”.

    That was my guess yesterday.. the thing that would have appalled Labour MPs is that the private talk with JK could have resulted in a breakthrough on the GCSB and cemented Shearer’s leadership.

    The Labour Party now is simply a vehicle for personal ambition, power and money.


    • mike

      You know what Shearer should have done… voted for the GCSB bill. He knew he was on the out and should of gone out with a shred of common sense and decency not just toeing the party line.

  • AngryTory

    Quite why NZ Labour thinks that following Oz Labor down in a flaming disaster is a good idea, I’ve no clue. But whoever they pick will be in the job only 14 months, they’ll be rolled once they’ve lost next year – and lose they will; and lose the next one too.

    Who will it be – whose most desperate with the biggest ego? Who thinks they could actually take on Key and win, given a fractured Labour caucus, half of whom will have the knives drawn from day one, with a resurgent Green party, and with the NZ electorate being reminded every single fucking day until the election by Key (and by Whale) that Labour is a compete fucking omnishambles — and still have the ego to think they can survive losing next year and stay as leader til 2017?

    OK. Easy. Cuntliffe.

    Because let’s face it: if you’re a voter, and you want hardcore Labour/Green policies like a Rail Loop, School Meals, or and Affordable House then just Vote National! – at least they’re competent.

    Look for a National majority government in the next term, perhaps with a liberal/libertarian split two years in, and a National/right-wing coalition for the next couple of terms after that. Labour. Fucked for ever.

    • Macca

      Jeez – I hope your right! Certainly makes sense.

  • Bryan

    united they stand divided they fall

    and we see Labour dead on the floor
    maybe JK should have a 30 min meeting

    with a few more of them and he will provide
    the Fish and chips with Tomato sauce

    • AngryTory

      united they stand divided they fall

      Internal Greens polling up about 19, Labour 17, Key well above 50…

  • BobaJob

    Of this lot then DC for leader and JA for deputy. Robertson should go because he was one of sheepy’s biggest dags. DC will provide the hard man leadership to transform to labour and Jacinda is easy on the eye, amusing, smart and will be liked by women across the political divide and men are always attracted to forbidden fruit.

    • AngryTory

      Heh heh heh. And they’ll be under the wheels of the bus just as soon as they’ve lead Labour to a record defeat.

      It’s great news which ever way you look at it. (Unless you’re a leftist of course )

  • kiwiinamerica

    If Labour had someone with a genuine strategic and politically pragmatic brain in its inner circle they would’ve stitched up a consensus candidate before Shearer fell on his sword. I suspect someone was attempting that but Shearer’s woeful performance in the House on Tuesday accelerated his demise. The truth is that there is no consensus candidate in the caucus otherwise Shearer would’ve been rolled a while ago. The ABC faction have no real champion after Shearer as they are politically savvy enough to know that a gay man won’t win back Waitakere man and keep Pasifika voters home. Little is a git and Shane Jones has the liability of the porn fling which won’t go down well with the sisterhood and women voters of which Labour tends to attract in larger number than men.

    If the electoral hail Mary of opting for a leader hated by a chunk of his caucus but superficially appealing to left leaning voters (as Labor has done with Rudd) was seen to be working, I’m sure enough of the ABC faction might bite the bullet and spare the party the 4 – 6 week media frenzy examining every nuance of its factional mess. Likely hubris will win out – Robertson thinks he’s the heir apparent and Cunliffe knows the party will vote for him. Robertson won’t be able to stitch up the caucus so he’s the sole candidate and Cunliffe WANTS it to go to the full vote because he knows it’s his best chance of winning and he thinks he can heal the party afterwards.

    National must be pinching themselves – fully taking advantage of the old axiom that you stay well away when your enemy is having another circular firing squad session!

    • middleagedwhiteguy

      If anyone in Labour had ANY political nous they would have scheduled a leadership change so it does not knock any traction they might have got from keeping the GCSB legislation out of the headlines for the next 3-4 weeks…..

      • AngryTory

        If anyone in Labour had ANY political nous

        They’d be in national – or the Greens.

  • Yosarian

    it will interesting to see how the now ‘unofficial’ Man Ban will affect the leadership race. A tenner on Cunliffe/Ardern

    • GazzW

      I’ll take your tenner Yosarian. Both are from Auckland so no chance of that pairing.

  • Guest

    Your having a laugh is that it to choose from, grumpy – shorty – faggee – and commee?

    • johnbronkhorst

      who are the other 3 dwarves (of intellect)?
      mallard….dick (not doc)

  • I can’t be bothered speculating, they have no ground under their feet full stop.
    It’ll all be too hard for them, most will get pissed off and start their own party/ run independently or simply quit.

    The hard core blowarse IP thieves will hang in their till the bitter end, but as current finances are bottoming out, and the unions are likely going to start their own party … . . . … . . .

    • Agent BallSack

      The unions did start their own party. It was called Labour. How did that work out for them?

      • But they lost control , best to start again , or quit … . . .

  • rockape

    Labour has to go for Cunliff, He is the only one who may develope POLICIES for Labour. Labour still have a fixation for JK and continue to play the man rather than develop policies. They have been playing that game unsuccesfuly for 5 +years. Labour will go left, grab the green vote and loose the election in 2014.

    • AngryTory

      Labour will go left, grab the green vote and loose the election in 2014.

      spectacularly lose

  • Dave

    Love the last half of the last sentence: “Like the hood ornament on the bonnet of a ford Edsel” Absolute GOLD, sums her up nicely, a lovely ornament on a absolutely useless Ford!

    Oh, the leadership stakes, well, um, er, um, er……. (They a bloody strong leader desperately). It would have to be Cunners by the nose. I will give him until January 2015, just a few months after Labour LOSE the 2014 election, he can speak very well, is convincing, but again, the Liebour machine lacks unity, Policy and importantly, FUNDS.

    Ho hum, nothing changes, just a different smile and voice in front of the camera.

  • LesleyNZ

    David Shearer knew it was wrong to vote against the GCSB bill. His conscience would not allow him to forget this. He knew Helen Clark would be cross with him and those in Labour who voted against it. He couldn’t go on as leader and be true to himself. He had to resign. He should have voted for the GCSB bill. Labour MPs are going to have to face Helen now.

  • Edwin Wigmore

    I think the problem with Labour is that they are totally focussed on the new leader which I don’t think will solve their problems. The real issue for them is to sort out their policies. The thinking public are having nightmares about them with the Greens as a equal footing partner.

    They’ll never get anywhere until that is sorted.

  • Greg

    I beat the greens are shitting their pants as the next leader maybe not so accommodating!

    • Brendon Taylor

      Labour should fully turn on the greens, because as we all know they will come crawling to Labour to form a coalition after the election, they need to jettison Winnie too, as he is a cancer for his own benefit, when you offer him the baubles of office he’ll be mates with you again & Hone dramatise until the cows come home do you really want to work with him unless you absolutely have to.

  • Brendon Taylor

    The best strategy I can see for Labour is for someone to break away from the party altogether form a New Labour party & drag as much support away from the old as possible, If I were in the unions shoes I would be advising my man or woman to do just that, & with the unions support but still a break from the embarrassment of the original Labour party, there should be a credible opposition some day…..

    • Greg

      It been done before and never worked, people just vote labour as a habit and never a thought is made of the consequences .

  • mick le prick

    As a Poof
    m so against that BIG FAT SLOB fag RoberFAgson getting any where near leadership.

    I hate him even more than the great lesbian Heeelllen

    If they had any brains its the mongrel of the litter Cuntliffe cos he has the talent.

  • melville

    A crucial and overlooked factor is -who does Helen Clark want? She came to NZ to help turf Shearer out, and she’ll have a big say in his replacement. But just who does she favour – not Jones, not Adern (Helen doesn’t want another Labour woman in the limelight to share the glamour). My bet is she wants Robertson, in line with her penchant for gays/lesbians.