Sleazy? Not even

The “decent journalist, trained and skilled”, Janet McAllister, at the Herald has declared that I have been sleazy in reacting to Stephanie Key’s artwork.

Does Key care about this? Does she care that right-wing fan boy Cameron Slater has sleazily declared he wouldn’t mind having a Key self-portrait on his wall? (Eeew.) Perhaps she does care: her photo blog was removed last Sunday. (For 10 months it attracted no notice!) Then again, perhaps she was pressured to remove it, and doesn’t care who enjoys her cheeky sex appeal.

This is what I actually said on my blog.

I reckon they are pretty cool, wouldn’t mind having one on the wall myself.

How is that sleazy? I was commenting on art, and style. But if she wants to talk about Eeew?

Of course Janet McAllister missed the sleaze of Kim Dotcom, which was appalling by itself, but also the sleazy suggestion of rape by the Department of Conservation employee Andrew Gall.

So in the pockets of the Fat German are the NZ Herald that they deliberately attack me, over something I did not say or mean and further they ignore the sleaze of Kim Dotcom and his DoC fanboi Andrew Gall. 

I think that Janet McAllister betrays her own prejudices and those of their editor and newspaper in writing such deliberate falsehoods. Not really surprising since she proudly told everyone via Facebook that she was attending the anti-GCSB bill protest as well as supporting the Occupy protests in Aotea Square and the March against Mining, or the Aotearoa is Not For Sale protests.

You see what we have here is a political viewpoint slapped in the middle of a poorly written review, but the political attack was wrong, some might say defamatory.

I have received a large number of emails about this, and my readers are more outraged than I am I must say.

But I am glad that Janet McAllister has done that because now with some inspection of her online footprint we can see she is just another left wing agitator masquerading a a”decent journalist, trained and skilled”.

Nice to know that via her omission of mentioning Kim Dotcom and Andrew Gall that she appears to enable the suggestion of rape against Stephanie Key…perhaps in her circles that sort of behaviour isn’t creepy.

Oh and Janet darling…it is ‘scandal’ not ‘scandale’, which is a town in Italy.



Still at least she is reading the blog.


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  • johnbronkhorst

    Don’t worry Cam. to someone with a dirty mind (like janet here), everyone sees the world the way they do, according to the janet macallister’s of this world, we are all sleezy (just like her).

    • Anything goes for her, Including Faux Outrage for wits sake.

  • unitedtribes

    I Hope you add Janet to your target list for the future Cam

  • Orange

    That’s pretty implicit support of violence against women coming from Janet. There is no excuse for that. I have a feeling that this will haunt her career if she doesn’t try to fix it immediately.

  • Bert Root

    Who’s this woman again? I don’t get the Herald.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    McAllister is the sort of bimbo that restricts grand dads from taking photos at netball.
    A man can not record his 9 year old grand daughter growing up because people like McAllister are fucked in the head. It is her mind that is sleazy – nobody elses

    • Patrick

      Yes & not just NZ, same in WA. Had the militant anti man brigade throwing death stares at me the other day at my daughters netball, trying to tell me what I could & couldn’t do. Told one bitch to f*** off & call the police if she had a problem. Funny they ain’t got a leg to stand on in reality.

      • Rex Widerstrom

        A word to the wise… you are acting within the law, but that doesn’t mean the WA police will.

        Being seen photographing children in a public place, fully clothed and not in any provocative pose is enough to get you detained and searched including the contents of your phone or camera.

        In the linked story it did lead to a single charge of possessing an indecent image, but the point is they had no way of knowing what was on his phone till they heavied him for taking photos.

        And I linked to that because media never report the dozens of stories where others are similarly intimidated by WAPOL for perfectly legal activities, because no charge means it’s not deemed newsworthy.

        I, however, get to hear of them by virtue of being State Director of Civil Liberties Australia.

        • Patrick

          Point taken, thanks. Although I would have thought a parent at a sporting event taking photos of his child should not raise the suspicion of the plod quite like the weirdo in the link. But yes WAPOL are a law unto themselves at times.

  • Patrick

    Ah yes but the ultimate goal for the leftie MSM remains, that is take that “upstart” Slater down a few pegs. The fact they use Key’s daughter in this instance is immaterial, next time it will be someone or something else. Yesterdays “news” by yesterdays journalists, the world has moved on Ms McAllister, you & your employer lost your relevance some years ago.

  • opusx

    So if I liked her art enough to want it on my wall…that makes me a sleaze too because I’m also male??? Hmmm.
    I would suggest this has more to do with Janet being anti-men than anything else. Either that, or they really do feel quite threatened by the 5th Estate over there at the Horrid.

    • Bunswalla

      According to the Janets of this world, all men are rapists and 1 in 3 girls are sexually assaulted every 5 minutes.

      It would be churlish of me to suggest that Janet would just be grateful of the attention, so I definitely won’t do that.

      • opusx

        Buns, don’t even get me started on the demonisation of men and the feminisation of our systems in this country!

        Deep breaths…

  • MarcWills

    There’s a “wimmens” faction in the Labia Party looking for leaders like Janet – in fact, they probably even have a list seat with her name on it because the man-ban will reserve special places for those like her who can’t achieve a place on merit.

  • Bunswalla

    Can’t spell, and doesn’t even know what year it is – the Horrid website has the date being in 20130 – pretty sure the Horrid will be no more than an example of a dinosaur industry long since extinct by then.

  • Anonymouse Coward

    I am sorry to learn that Stephanie removed her photo blog. I did not browse it because I was not aware of it.

    I thought Stephanie’s shots published on this site showed style, I am disappointed that I am now unable to view other works she had in her blog.

  • Mr_V4

    She’s only used the same technique of interpretation for her rhetoric as you did with Kim Dot Coms comments. In his case it was pretty clear he was referring to the McDonalds, yet you try to claim some sinister motive.

    • opusx

      Fair enough, but Janet’s obviously seen the post and comments on this blog, so why not comment on the actual story therein…ie: Mr Galls comments made while a state employee.

      Why just Cam’s so called sleazy comment????

      • Mr_V4

        To be honest I don’t spend any time reading the Herald let alone interpreting the views of any of their reporting staff.

        This issue seems to be a case of faux outrage on both sides and if I was interest in faux outrage I would be reading the Labour party blog.

        • opusx

          Is there a Labour party blog? :-)

    • Orange

      I thought it wasn’t about the McDonalds. I thought it was about his clear political moves against the PM and therefore to enter into comment re the daughter is quite inappropriate.

      • Mr_V4

        And I suppose the destruction of megaupload business without so much as a trial with an FBI style takedown with the consent of our keystone cops (all at NZ taxpayers expense) wasn’t political?

        • Orange

          I’m pretty sure all his money and servers were in Hong Kong and was shut down by the FBI. NZ had nothing to do with that so not sure what you were trying to say.

  • blokeintakapuna

    You’ve handed her an epic Whale sledging, spanking, and hoisting of her own petard …and all at the same time too. Great work Mr. Whale!!

    She’s certainly now lost any skerrick of journalistic credibility she might have had, or if she was aiming for any at all? I guess the Herald are now giving up on integrity also.

    Perhaps the owners are now chasing the weekly glossy magazine target market now that they can’t compete with the real NEWS?

    Wonder what the BSA might say if you lodged a formal complaint?

  • Whale blubber alone

    Cam says he would like the pic on his wall. Thats ok. Dot Com says he has a favourite pic. Thats not ok. I am inclined to consider this blog the pavlovian dog of the “dogged” right, slavering for the ribald criminality of the wayward left. Any excuse to presume superiority eh Cam? So Beached. Oh and if this post does not make any sense to you, it is because you might be silly.

    • opusx

      Aaron, is that you???

    • Orange

      Words have meaning in context. In the context of Kin dot com and his attitude towards the PM what do you think his words meant?

    • Super_Guest

      In English please.

    • blokeintakapuna

      When using minerals based paints in enclosed spaces, always ensure adequate ventilation.

    • Hi Janet

  • OT Richter

    There was no suggestion of rape you twisted fucking imbecile.

    • opusx

      Correct no suggestion of rape, but no suggestion of wining and dining her, wooing and romancing her with the hope of getting laid either. Makes you wonder whether the guy was typing with his dick or his fingers. A strange wee rant by Gall, all and all.

      • OT Richter

        I’m not defending Gall in any way, in fact his post would have to be the poorest piece of judgement I’ve seen in a long time. WO and others keep playing the rape card to further sensationalise the story, but it is a real stretch to make that connection. Sleazy indeed.

        • La la land

          So you think that suggesting that someone fucks a young woman without consent and sends a video to her father is not inciting rape? What planet are you on?

    • Whatever point you were trying to make evaporated with the last three words.

      • OT Richter

        and your defense against being sleazy evaporated when you started to stretch the truth.

  • GazzW

    Thanks for exposing yet another ‘decent journalist, trained & skilled’ in the Horrid’s ‘impartial and unbiassed’ stable of journalists.