So Whaleoil is Number One Blog. But where does it rank as an opinion maker?



Alexa has been ranking web sites world-wide for many years using actual traffic statistics.

I decided to have a peek to see where Whaleoil ranks among the current top 500 visited web sites by New Zealanders.

Whaleoil is the 83rd most visited site word-wide by New Zealanders according to Alexa.

Google holds the top spot, followed by Facebook.  No surprises there.  But if we take out the overseas web sites and just rank true NZ ones, the following picture emerges.

  1. TradeMe
  2. NZ Herald
  3. Stuff
  4. ANZ Bank
  5. Westpac
  6. ASB Bank
  7. Kiwibank
  8. TVNZ
  9. Metservice
  10. BNZ Bank
  11. Seek
  12. Inland Revenue
  13. Xero
  14. The Warehouse
  15. Vodafone
  16. Grabone
  17. Skykiwi
  18. Air NZ
  19. Telecom NZ
  20. Yellow Pages
  21. 1 Day
  22. GeoNet
  23. Lotto
  24. NZ Dating
  25. Whaleoil

So, 83rd visited site over-all and 25th NZ site over-all.  Let’s now see where Whaleoil ranks when we filter it to News/Political/Commentary sites only.

  1. NZ Herald
  2. Stuff
  3. TVNZ
  4. Whaleoil
  5. 3 News
  6. Radio NZ
  7. Kiwiblog
  8. NBR
  9. Scoop
  10. (outside the top 500)

In spite of what the critics would like you to believe, Whaleoil is a major force in the New Zealand news/opinion category.

Whaleoil’s success is even more remarkable when you consider that it doesn’t have the promotional vehicles that old bricks and mortar media such as newspapers, radio and TV can bring to their web sites.

If you factor in its growth over the last 12 months, and look towards the election, it is clear that being a Whaleoil reader means you’re in good company.

Whaleoil.  New Zealand’s number one and most feared political commentator.


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  • conwaycaptain

    If you formed a newspaper or a political party what would you call them???

    The Harpoon Times?? and ???

    • AngryTory

      We don’t want a newspaper – we want the Whale Party – and when shouting turns to picketing and protesting as we purge the leftists from NZ – a Whale Army.

      Fuck I wish we’d been this strong even a year ago – a Whale Army turning up at the MUNZler protest would have fixed that quick smart!

    • Mediaan

      Newspapers are over. They are very expensive to produce and very wasteful.

      And, worst of all, they are static. You say “print” and, for, most of the effort and expensive setup, all intellectual progress stops for a day.

  • Col

    Well done, not surprised really.
    If you want too increase your hits, you could link up to one of those Dating sites, I m sure you would see a few of the Labour Party looking up the Asian Dating Sites?

  • Markymark

    Good to see Whale Oil is crushing the lefty blogs – The Standard, Daily Blog etc. Up the whale!!

  • BobaJob

    WO provides a superior product. Just recently found it and now I don’t have to solely rely on the supposed mainstream.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Now if you filtered it to Internet only presence.

  • Michaels

    It doesn’t seem that long ago when there were only a few of us here. Spanishbride would comment on a regular basis, and I’d have some damn good ding dongs with some twit called “Harpoon” or as I prefered to call him “Harp-On”. Don’t get the time so much now to comment, but still read daily.

    • GazzW

      Totally agree. There is a much higher proportion of ‘up votes’ from Guests these days which would indicate a much expanded reader base.

    • True, I remember those days. The funniest comment was when a new commentator accused me of being a leftie not knowing I was WO’s main squeeze heheh.

  • manuka416

    Confirmed what I thought… NZ Herald is NZ’s number one blog ;)

    The Herald: a whole lot of opinion with a few facts thrown in (I.e. the sports pages)

    • philbest

      Yeah, and as a “blog” they are heavily moderated to reflect lefty hegemony. Can others testify to their comments not making it through moderation there?

      Nothing at all inflammatory or offensive about my disallowed comments, either – just full of facts the Herald’s lefty scum don’t want you to know.

    • Mediaan

      All that stat says is that Auckland is a big town, and the Herald publishes stuff about Auckland.

      The Herald is a blog in a big population but relatively small interest area. For most of NZ, WO is more relevant.

  • cows4me

    “mortar media such as newspapers, radio and TV can bring to their websites.” What most newspapers, radio and TV in NZ refuse to acknowledged or except is that their message, generally left wing isn’t being swallowed by the masses any longer. We get the same old tied talking heads not really telling the news but putting their slant on it. I know from experience that the editor of our local rag will not print my letters simply because I continually challenge their lefty outlook, they don’t like it.

  • Toddus

    “Whaleoil. New Zealand’s number one and most feared political commentator.” Well summed up and congratulations – evidence of what hard work and persistence can achieve, Keep it up

  • RightOfGenghis

    Big ups Cameron. Stay balanced and don’t implode. Keep focused on the end goal, monetise it.

  • surfisup

    I think there is a complete vacuum in the area of investigative journalism in this country.

    Perhaps thats why whaleoil does OK.

    You seem to have time to do what others do not — that is, check the figures.

  • Dave

    And I wonder where in their respected fish and chip wrappers, the Main Stream will publish this, your right, they won’t.

  • steve and monique

    Congrats Cam. We all knew it was a winner,and it will only get better.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    The success is a combination of good articles and light moderation. I can’t bring myself to go anywhere on the left, I just can’t be arsed being told to think by their rules “or else!”.

    • AngryTory

      No it’s not – Whale’s success is simple: Whale’s actually right-wing

      that makes us far far to the right of every party ever elected to parliament in NZ –

      Whale is the only alternative for anyone who isn’t a communist in NZ.

      • Mr Sackunkrak

        Perhaps demonstrated by calling the Nats out on many occasions for being leftie soft-cocks on quite a few issues.

        • AngryTory

          Yeah like the rail loop and the school meals and … oh wait

  • Phil

    Not to mention the best site for comments

  • AngryTory

    How long til the leftist propaganda organs of state realise that we’re not kidding:
    that we despise them and their ilk with an abiding hatered –
    that we want to wipe leftism right out of NZ?

    How long til we get a political party – a Whale Party – that will do what the Whale Army demands:
    – arm the cops, bring in self-defence laws, castle doctrine, stand your ground
    – end bludging by ending welfare
    – charter all the schools
    – purge unionism from NZ
    – deregister the endemically corrupt Green and Labour parties
    – end stupid leftist policies like student loads, WFF, rail loop, school meals
    – get rid of the vast Wellington bureaucracy that blights our lives!

    The election is more than a year away: there’s more than enough time!

    • Guest

      Ahh Nazi germany. Good times huh.

    • Missionary

      Most sane people accept that you need to have checks and balances. That is why we still have an opposition in a democracy (although according to WO, at the moment it is debatable as to whether they are effective). I don’t disagree with some of your “demands” – but overall, you’re a fascist. People can live on the right without being one.

  • hookerphil

    Would just like to say that I would trust this far ahead of any “journalist” opinions that are being thrust upon us by TV1 & TV3, along with most written media.

    • Muffin

      You meant to say Churnalist didnt you there Phil?

      • hookerphil

        Yes, having been following this for the last year or so I will have to remember the correct terms – Lilabor etc.

        • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay


  • Ginsters

    Wow! Whaleoil must have made a lot of money from the site with it being so popular and all.

    I wonder how many houses he owns?

    • philbest

      I hope he isn’t one of these property-specufestors who then obfuscate the issue because the last thing they want is reform of the “supply” distortions that are the problem. It would destroy my faith in him.

    • Prior to a certain insurance company screwing us over ( no exaggeration ) the WO family owned a number of rental properties. Now we own zero. This Blog and my income will get us back on our financial feet but unfortunately we do not have a home to call our own as yet.However we have done it before and we will do it again. It is not a skill you lose :)

  • philbest

    A few years ago I looked at WOBH (and commented) occasionally because I liked the respite from the MSM lefty twattery.

    I am thrilled to bits that it has now gone places. I have missed this until very recently. Of course the other media are not letting on. I was getting quite pessimistic about the failure in NZ, of non-lefty libbewal media alternatives, to get any traction.

    I only hope that the rise and rise of WOBH starts to get reflected in actual political outcomes. We need to ditch treaty troughing, the CAGW fraud, the RMA, Council obstruction of progress, Greenie obstruction of progress, the teachers union near-monopoly on education, mollycoddling violent crims, “big finance” troughing, and obstructions to free market efficiencies in government-dominated sectors like health and utilities and transport.

    • kehua

      I have been pleased to see your return Phil. wonde where LeeC has gone.

  • David

    Well done Cameron, kudos to you and your excellent team. Keep up the good work!

  • wikiriwhi

    Here is someone whose opinion didn’t matter because she was unemployed

    Job seeker, 21, with 3 A-levels and 10 GCSEs, kills herself after she was rejected for 200 jobs

    No matter how all you trivialists spin the unemployed the truth is its really hard out there. Almost impossible.

  • kehua

    We need a bumper sticker Cam , I`m a Whaler.

    • Missionary

      So was Bob Marley!

  • Mediaan

    Terrific piece of work by Whaleoil. Cameron has a special way about him.

  • philbest

    Any comments on why “” doesn’t appear anywhere? I thought it was up there for page views.