Some quantitative easing in Chch?

Looks like Russel Norman has been in Christchurch cranking up the printing presses and doing a bit of quantitative easing.

It seems the police think this is called counterfeiting.

Retailers are being warned to look out for counterfeit $20 notes after four Christchurch stores were given fake cash.

Acting Detective Sergeant Mike Freeman said it appeared that the offender had bought items at large or busy Riccarton stores in the hope that the fake money would go unnoticed. 

“The complaints we’ve received so far have all been from stores in the Riccarton area,” he said.

“They include a supermarket, a bulk retail store and a couple of smaller outlets.

“At first glance, the $20 notes may look and feel genuine, and in a busy store they may go undetected, particularly if the fake notes are combined with other denominations of notes.

“However, a closer inspection of the notes will clearly show that the notes are counterfeit.”

One giveaway was that the notes had duplicated serial numbers.


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  • Pissedoffyouth

    Has Russell been in Christchurch lately?

    • BobaJob

      He doesn’t need to be POY – sleepers agents all over the show….

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Finally people have started to appreciate stinking Hippie’s economic brilliance….

  • Col

    As Norman was questioned by the Christchurch Police, his answer was “do my lips look green”. I have a one way ticket to Mars if he wants to start a Green Colony up there.