Splat – Mark Sutton dies in wing-suit accident

I have posted heaps of wing-suit videos in the past, marvelling at the blokes who do that. Mark Sutton, one of the best exponents at wing-suit flying, has died.

He wore three cameras to video what was meant to be a one-minute “warm-up” in an event for a sports channel.

The stuntman who was James Bond’s double in last year’s Olympics opening ceremony was killed when he plummeted into a mountain at 155mph during a “wing-suit” freefall.

Daredevil Mark Sutton, 42, died 20 seconds after leaping from a helicopter at 10,800ft in the Swiss Alps, it was revealed today.

He and jump partner Tony Uragallo each wore three cameras to video what was meant to be a one-minute “warm-up” in an event for an online extreme sports channel.

The footage, showing some of the ex-Army officer’s final moments as he exited the helicopter before veering out of view, has now been handed to Swiss police probing yesterday’s horrifying death plunge.

Tony, who had jumped moments before Mark, landed safely – but then had to break the tragic news by telephone to his pal’s girlfriend Victoria Homewood, who was in Chamonix just over the French border.


EpicTV insisted they would not be releasing footage of his final moments.

A spokesman for the channel said: “It was a three-day event and the people involved are among the best on the world.

“Wednesday was the first day. A couple of successful helicopter flights had already taken place.

“Mark Sutton and Tony Uragallo were on the third flight of the day.

“They were filming each other and Tony had Mark in view and then lost him. It is not known why.

“He had not yet deployed his parachute. Tony, understandably, has chosen not to fly today.

“We said it was for all the participants to decide whether to still go ahead with the event. They decided to go ahead in honour of Mark.”

The pair leapt from 10,800ft with the intention of landing near the hamlet of Le Peuty, near Trient.

A police spokesman said: “He hit the mountain at a speed of about 250km-an-hour. There was no chance of survival.”

“The body was so badly damaged on impact with the mountain that his family is unable to identify him by normal means.

“His body cannot be presented to his family. DNA is being used to formally identify him.”

At least he died doing what he loved.


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  • Travis Poulson

    That one step further, that extra risk…doesn’t always pay off.

    • LesleyNZ

      Quite right Travis.

  • lou

    Sometimes you can be an intensive dick WO. The heading was unnecessary.

  • BAM

    Show a bit of class and remove the splat from the heading.
    Your blog’s better than that.

    • LinkinHawk

      Yeah replace it with “Human pancake”

    • Nah, splat is accurate. They can’t id the body except via DNA…that’s a splat in anyones book.

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      Something closer to the actual phonetics of the “splat” itself would be more to your liking?

  • steve and monique

    RIP, the world has just lost another good bloke.

  • LesleyNZ

    Very sad. Life is very fragile. Eternity is forever.

  • Bob

    I watch his and other wing suit videos in awe, they are truly amazing. After watching them shoot down valleys and pass through gaps in rocks I do remember thinking that when this goes wrong it will be really really grim. When you live on the edge sometimes it goes wrong. RIP.