Stick to killing cats Gareth

Gareth Morgan has found another cause to annoy everyone with…he should stick to killing cats, that was at least worthwhile.

With the furore over his cat campaign fading from memory, Gareth Morgan is about to try telling us what we should be eating.

Dr Morgan’s past activities have included confirming the cause of climate change, deciding which fish to catch and eat, proposing solutions for the country’s welfare and tax policies, and voyaging to the Antarctic to raise awareness about issues in the far south.

At the start of this year, he strode purposefully into his attack on the country’s cats, and will soon try to sort out the nation’s eating habits.

A book he co-wrote with economist Geoff Simmons is being promoted as “the most controversial book on food you will read”. Called Appetite for Destruction, it is to be published in October.

“We Kiwis are literally eating ourselves to death. In the move from cooking to convenience food we have given up control of what we eat,” Dr Morgan said on a webpage for the book.

“As a result our food is heavy on sugar, fat and salt, and light on the nutrients our body needs. This is causing a hidden health crisis that will swamp our hospitals just when the baby boomers want their hip operations.”  

Watch the trough feeding academics use this campaign as a way to further extract money from government so they can attack food and grocery companies. Like all socialist busybodies their solution is to tax the producer not the fat bastard that stuff their gobs with food.

The book will urge a tax on foods that don’t reach two stars for health and quality in a nutrition-profiling system to be agreed by health officials, industry and food standards authorities.

The tax would fund schools to teach healthy eating and the health sector to promote and encourage it.

Of course there is no disclosure in the article that Geoff Simmons works for the Morgan Foundation.


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  • David

    I’m sorry but the money has gotten to Gareth Morgan’s head and made him loopy.

  • Never in the dark…..
  • spollyike

    Another fucking baby boomer telling us what to do or what not to do having spent their entire lives doing it and making money off it. Just like smoking, smacking, drinking, climate etc, the hypocrisy we receive from what has been deemed the worst generation in history on a daily basis is mind boggling!

  • cows4me

    I wonder what sort of country we would be left with if these twits could enforce every idea that pops into their over worked minds. I remember the country of my childhood and look back at how bit by bit government and it’s busy bodies have removed a lot of the fun that life offered. Seems every time you look up some prick has dreamt up a new rule, new advice on how to live, something we should not do anymore and how we should relate to others. Personally I’m tied of the fuckers, I’ll leave you alone if you leave me alone but it won’t happen will it, you just can’t help your fucking selves.

    • Time to start a commune on one of the back blocks.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      A 7 year old can’t go down the gully and shoot rats with a slug gun anymore. nany state bullshit

  • Col

    My mum years ago said if you listen about all the foods they say are bad eat ( back then they were going on about coffee being bad for you) you wouldn’t be able to eat anything, and people are still going on about it today, nothing changes 40 years later.

  • opusx

    He can write what ever he likes…I won’t be reading it.

  • steve and monique

    First wild cats, now fat cats. What fucking next.

  • It can be proved that everyone who ever died had eaten. Therefore, eat, die! GAreth is right. The science is settled, people!

  • molly

    We should just eat cats. That’d make him happy.

    • dogit

      That’s Gareth’s next book – I hear its going to be a cookbook on 101 ways to catch, prepare and eat cat.

  • Harvey Wilson

    GM is only saying what many others have been saying for years. He’s quite correct in the ‘crap food is killing people’ aspect. When I become Prime Minister I’m gonna ban fat fuckers from hospitals. And smokers. And binge drinkers. In fact all fuckwits that refuse to take responsibility for their own wellbeing will be outa there so fast they won’t even hear the ambulance.
    Only healthy people and cats will be allowed.