Strange things our grandparents invented

via Twitter

via Twitter

The baby cage, for hanging babies out of the window for families without a garden, 1937.

These may  make a huge comeback once Len’s high density housing reaches for the sky.


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  • richard.b

    “I can’t remember when I first realised I was afraid of heights”

  • GazzW

    Highly likely that this will make a comeback in Len’s high density housing but more likely to be the master bedroom than a baby play area.

  • LesleyNZ

    In those days they knew a kid had to get the daily dose of Vitamin D. My cat would like a little space like this too.

  • John Q Public

    Is that just foodsafe being used for a creative purpose?

  • Jimmie

    Probably Michael Jackson’s Grandfather

  • Devon

    What do you mean a come-back?
    Looks like a pretty standard deck to me circa 2000-2007 era Auckland CBD apartment building.

  • GregM

    We had one of them when I was a kid. Probably why I still bark at traffic.

  • Col

    The way he is looking into the window, just may have been put out there because mum had her boyfriend round ( Polish Pride), just saying.