Stupid hippies get their drone shot down

Can’t wait for some stupid hippies to try this here.

If I was duck shooting or pigeon shooting legally and some stupid hippies put a drone into range of my shotgun it would be coming down hard, especially if I was on private land and it was over it.

Performing private drone warfare against people with guns is plain stupid.


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  • opusx

    Get a real job hippies. When the hunting club are doing something illegal, then let the authorities deal with it. Trying to antagonise a bunch of mates with guns probably ain’t gonna do much for your life expectancy either, especially in the good ol’ US of A..

  • johnbronkhorst

    Only one shot?
    I would have kept shooting until it was completely destroyed!
    It’s one thing, when the police do it with a warrant, quite another when a PRIVATE group spy over PRIVATE land!

  • Col

    We may see these in the sky here soon, I will give a $100 for everyone shot down.

    • James M

      There is a town in the US which hopes to do just that

  • sheppy

    Hardly shot down if it could return home, I recommend a bigger gun

  • BigDes

    I hope the smelly hippies are offsetting the carbon footprint on the drone.

  • Patrick

    Typical, these guys are on private property going about their lawful business & a bunch of commies decide they are not happy about that. Private property rights & the rights of the individual mean nothing to these people. Those drones are expensive & if i was a shooter I would make sure the drones never made it home.

    • drummerboy

      A drone like that one that can carry a dslr camera cost about $10,000 in new zealand

      • LabTested

        well they would be stupid to fly it over people with shotguns then

        • drummerboy


      • Allan

        shit no if you ignore the cost of the dslr (or use a gopro) you should be able to have one flying for well under a grand
        this frame for example
        the rest can be picked up pretty cheaply too (let the shooting match begin :D )

        • drummerboy

          yeah if you build one your self it will cost you alot less but not under a grand. if its a serious film one it will cost you thousands. you need a decent gps and stabilization system, a gimble for the camera (which are real expensive), a fpv video system so you can view what you are filming, plus a decent controller. it all adds up. I just bought a dji phantom which has cost me nearly $1000 and its very small compared to the one in this video

  • steve and monique

    Good job.

  • LabTested

    The stupid thing is that they were using the drone to make a video to put on You Tube. They could of just asked the shooting club who would have no doubt gladly made one for them. You Tube is already full of pigeon shooting videos posted by happy shooters.

  • Chris

    Pigeons……………Rats with wings.

  • cows4me

    There’s been talk that our local regional council is thinking about drones to check farms for various things, river and waterway fences, stock numbers, stock welfare, illegal structures, dumps, etc. If one happens to come over my farm I’ll be making every effort to blow the fucker from the sky. These bureaucrats just can’t help themselves, anyone standing on a platform on using drones won’t be getting my vote.

    • Kopua Cowboy

      Looks like steel shot might finally be useful for something :)

  • drummerboy

    he doesn’t like pigeon hunting… but i bet he loves abortion.

  • tarkwin

    Shooting that would be much more fun than shooting pigeons.

  • drummerboy

    i just found this on youtube of some Texans shooting down some drones

  • David Broome

    Isn’t amazing. All the hullabaloo over the GCSB and supposed police state, but its nothing farmers don’t experience daily. Waikato RC overflying farms to check for ponding (that’s only one of our RC’s doing snap inspections), MBIE turning up to check foreign worker conditions while another wing comes to snap inspect helmet/OSH. Then you’ve got Fonterra’s ‘every farm, every year’ and if you are having a real bad day; IRD checking on your GST. Finally there are hippies here who want to fly drones up waterways so where is that bomber bloke, Krim.Com, Palmer and the violin players on civil liberties?

  • Red

    What’s with the hate? Awesome technology with potential in so many areas…. I don’t get it. Just keep shooting shithawks and lambs if that’s the sort of responsible gun owners you are. I doubt Hippies are the mainstay of the drone community somehow unless they run on wood n steam

  • Allan

    A nice load of Winchester #4 should do the trick!
    also those LiPo’s on the drone should make a lovely firework in the sky if you hit em :D

  • Marque Cornblatt

    Shotgun vs Drone video. Surprising results: