Sunday General Debate

Credit:  Alison Obrien /  Awhina McGrath

Via: Alison Obrien /
Awhina McGrath


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  • williamabong

    I took the liberty of reposting a post from yesterday, that got itself buried in the Wussel debate –

    When are we going to see one of our investigative journalists start to turn over some of the stones on the mess that is Solid Energy, there is a very frightening story to be found, with political mismanagement and interference at very high levels, a minister (Simon Power) forcing increased levels of debt via borrowing, that subsequently crippled the company, a CEO that fed millions in sponsorship to his his wifes pet projects.
    Also add to that uncontrolled seven figure spend up on equipment that will never work, an entire layer of lower middle management on six figure salaries that are still in place in spite of their ongoing incompetance riveted firmly in place by a good layer of nepotism, a board of directors that voted themselves nice fat bonus payouts, then resigned, almost on mass, as the business went down the shitter. Add to that the total failure to predict any downwards trend in coal prices, the complete failure to insulate the company against said trend, the closure of mines and wholesale staff sackings, the total unwillingness to review existing salaried staff while cutting wage staff pays by up to 40%, the total hatred of mine management by the wage staff after having been lied to and manipulated for nearly a year, while all the time enjoying their cosy salary packages untouched.
    Stockton Alliance, owned by Solid Energy still continues to throw money away, with more than $300,000 a year spent to rent empty houses in Westport.
    The guts of a very good story is there waiting for a decent and skilled journalist to rip into, or are they all too busy fighting to eat German sausage, me thinks the latter is the case.

    • kehua

      william you have perhaps the best `media` medium for such an exposure right here, I gather that you have access to a lot of the material required to light the fuse on this Story and we all know that the so-called Journos sift through every bit of info here on WOBH. Perhaps a Guest Post would do the trick followed by drip fed titbits afterall the Journos would fuck it up in all probability. I am quite fascinated by your comment. Go for it, if it means exposing Power for the overated fool that he is I am sure Cam would welcome your input.

    • Mediaan

      While the press ran uncritical two page spreads on the brilliant expansion and advancement in technology being achieved by Slid Energy. What a garbage mainstream media we have in this country.

    • Gus

      After being laid off on Thursday with no other underground coal mines left in nz to turn to, I would love to see this happening. My god working for solid energy has been an experience!

  • AnonWgtn

    I see that the Muslim Brotherhood has set up Branch in Sydney at Lakemba.
    Caveat Emptor !

    • conwaycaptain

      And other Muslim organisations are getting young Aus Muslims to go to Syria on Jihad.
      The Sunni/Shia civil war is getting close to us. This War between the two major arms of Islam has been going on for 1300 years and is now getting into its stride in the ME.
      On one side the Iranians who are Shia and on t’other the Sunnis. Egypt is just a branch of this fight.

      • Salacious T Crumb

        And you can bet the Aussie media won’t be tying themselves up in handwringing knots over whether the DSD (GCSB equivalent) is intercepting emails, texts and phone calls of said followers of the religion of peace.

  • Jonathan Pull

    Not part of the debate but some of you may want to know what Campbell’s thought of his interview with the PM.

    Yes its the horrid but read what you will from it.

    • Whafe

      Campbell did not believe he had underestimated the PM

      Pigs arse, he totally under estimated our PM, of which caused him to be handed a true spanking, more of a spanking than the AB’s gave the Wally’s last night

      • Jonathan Pull

        Key was spinning and deflecting the whole night.
        Did he destroy Campbell? sure did.
        Did he provide anything worth while that people may want to know about? of course not.
        I shall call him the Prime Spinister.

        • GazzW

          Hang on Jonathan, I recall two or three occasions when Campbell threw in a deflecting question in the middle of answers from the PM that didn’t fit Campbell’s agenda. JK clearly stated ‘I’ll come back to that in a couple of minutes’ or something similar – and he did every time. What did you want to know about that wasn’t answered? Maybe Campbell didn’t ask the right questions, after all it was hardly a classical piece of investigative journalism was it?

          • Rodger T

            These wankers ask three questions in one,then interrupt incessantly in an attempt to put them off and then whine that the interviewee does not answer the question.

            Key did not fall for that Bullshit and Campbell was stuffed because he couldn`t cope with a superior intellect.

            Campbell did not believe he had underestimated the PM.

            So he fully expected the arse reaming he got then? What a Wanker!

        • Travis Poulson

          “Key was spinning and deflecting the whole night.”

          No, that was John Campbell. Every time Key was trying to answer a question that Campbell didn’t like. Key even had to insist on finishing answering questions that Campbell wouldn’t let him answer properly.

          Campbell’s slurry of emotive pitchy drawl whilst leaning on one elbow didn’t work this time, and as much as you toothless pinkos don’t want to admit it, Key did a good job answering everything that was put forward to him.

        • Call him whatever you want Jonathan. Others have tried name-calling, and failed. They’ve tried checking his rubbish; and failed. They’ve tried to dredge up scandals in Australia, and failed.

          I doubt that Rt Hon John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand is going to be in any way worried if someone on the internet calls him names; he has a country to run.

          • Jonathan Pull

            It was more a tongue in cheek thing, not meant to be insulting.

            I’m well aware that he’s hardly concerned with what I or for that fact many on this blog would have to say.

  • Whafe

    This is the tale of David Shearer
    Who in fact was a terrible sharer
    The country gave him one hell of a stare
    When he proved there was no way he would share
    The MSM Media should be giving him a snare
    When in fact, not even a glare


  • conwaycaptain

    All these people going on about the GCSB!!! Bet they are all on Facebook and put all sorts of private info on there. LinkedIn ditto.
    Their mobile ph co knows where they are to within 6 metres. Every time they use EFTPOS/Credit card the bank knows where they are and they can be traced.
    Yet they blather on about the GCSB who have to get warrants and some times warrants to get warrants and the GCSB has only had warrants for 9 people per year!!!

    • Travis Poulson

      And they probably all drive company vehicles fitted with gps…

      For the few complainers that have jobs, that is.

    • guest

      That is the most sensible thing anyone has said on this topic. I have some reservations about the GCSB – not so much about the law, but the way it has been handled, but I have far more reservations about the teacher’s unions defending the right of would-be pedophiles over the right of a child to be protected from them. New Zealanders should care most about tangible threats to the well-being over this country rather than the remote possibility that someone may read your private texts & emails. Dodgy people will always find a way to do dodgy thing, but so long as good checks & balances are in place then that is good enough for me.
      As for the PM vs JC – a genuine sledging and one that was well overdue.

  • Phar Lap

    Was recently reading an article, where the convicted criminal called Schmidts alias Krim Dotcon wants a one to one debate with our PM John Key.He spoke as if he would be around NZ for some time ,instead of lying in a USA JAIL ,wishing he had stayed in Germany.Of course his conviction in 2003 for forgery and insider trading could be to his benefit in any prison.

  • What no comment from Pete George linking in his wah wah wah Whaleoil is being mean posts?

    Must be still getting the knots put of his Y-Fronts

    • BobaJob

      …a wee little knot down those Y-Fronts.

    • You can’t have it both ways. We told him off for link whoring a few weeks ago. Make up your mind – can he link whore or not?

  • unitedtribes

    Russel would have had Denise Roche as “Gangrene”

  • Damocles

    I don’t usually rate or even read Rod Oram’s leftist columns, but thought today’s SST article raised some useful points:

    In particular, these four points:

    * easing the rules for using KiwiSaver funds for deposits, even though KiwiSaver is meant to encourage people to broaden their investments beyond the housing market … will increase demand for housing, thereby fuelling the damaging housing boom

    * the [$30 million subsidy] deal allows Rio Tinto to give notice of closure only 18 months from now

    * Telecommunications Minister Amy Adams is planning to intervene with a price [of broadband over old technology copper wires] up to four times higher than the regulator’s. Other telcos are complaining bitterly that this would inflate Chorus’ profits and share price, and reduce their ability to compete.

    * The unprecedented public appearance of a foreign head of government [Mr Key] apologising for his government, his country and its largest business will persuade the Chinese the botulism issue was far, far bigger than ever admitted at the time. He will damage, not rebuild, confidence in New Zealand.

    While most of the media are obsessing over GCSB and Snapper and other meaningless trivia, Oram raises issues that are much more worthy of debate.

    • Mediaan

      An yone who doubts the wisdom of the Key visit to China doesn’t understand, we are living in an age of trade competition. You have to look after your customers tenderly. “Don’t apologise” is a dumb civil service way to talk.

  • Mediaan

    My thoughts today, political correctness affecting child raising.

    There is this idea of “Boys are often disadvantaged because their fathers slid away — so better rig things artificially and put more male teachers in boys’ classrooms.”

    It doesn’t work like that. Male teachers are too selfish and ambitious to be as good at teaching as women anyway. Women make the best teachers.

    Women focus better on the children, partly because they are driven less than male teachers to seek personal fame or promotion. Note how girls’ schools are achieving better academic results now. Too many male teachers of boys around.

    Fact is, male teachers seek their own selfish advancement more. They choose more courses and out-of-classroom events to do (taking time away from their classes). They try to get personal recognition or fame more. They float fancy new theories of education more, hoping these will become recognised (with their names on them). They have a wish for professional attention, power and recognition.

    I deplore this background politically correct stance of, “Give the poor little boy pupils more males for teachers; they are deprived and will be more so, otherwise.”

    Yes, their no-good shiftless fathers conceived a child then ran away from their economic and emotional responsibilities. Yes, women pick up the
    work of parenting and try to do both jobs.

    But it doesn’t help boys to bung more male teachers into classrooms.

    • Travis Poulson

      “It doesn’t work like that. Male teachers are too selfish and ambitious to be as good at teaching as women anyway. Women make the best teachers.”

      What an utter crock of shit. Take your meds.

      • Mediaan

        Any reasons for your opinion, or just invective to offer?

        • Travis Poulson

          That comment of yours is such utter tosh that debating it would give it more credit than it is worthy of.

        • Techersrock

          Any actual proof to back up your shit or just out for a rant against male teachers?

      • Mediaan

        Still feeling stung because I criticised you for the child porn pictures, Trav? You deserved it. Where did you get that little collection from? And why did you soil WO’s outstanding blog with them?

        And I am glad to see the discussion, get people’s views on it.

        • Accusing anyone of being into child pornography and all the implications that follow is a very serious thing to do.

          The fact you did so previously and were allowed to continue your visits here reflects our understanding of your personal demons – few would label anyone a paedophile and expect to be allowed to do so twice, let alone when the accusation is levelled at one of the blog’s officials.

          Perhaps the lack of repercussions last time has given you the misplaced confidence to think you can publicly accuse someone of such vile crimes without there being any repercussions. If that was indeed the case, we can’t allow there to be a third occasion.

          Your access to the comments has been blocked and is likely to be a permanent one.

    • GazzW

      Bullshit Mediaan. I had some great women teachers but the teachers that helped to mould me as a person in my teenage years were all men and I dare say that women teachers do exactly the same job for girls. Teenage boys don’t look up to women teachers as role models, end of story. The only woman teacher that I recall clearly was my chemistry teacher – now she was a good teacher but better still she had an even greater pair of tits.

      • Mediaan

        I am glad you did. But. When you read in biographies and autobiographies of some wonderful teacher acknowledged by the person, it’s almost always a woman.

        • Cadwallader

          Please expand this generality.

          • Mediaan

            I think I have made it clear what I meant – the teachers that I have seen gratefully acknowledged in books and memoirs have all been women teaschers. It’s not easy to collect evidence on something like this, but that is close to being evidence. Now, as you imply you think differently, yours?

      • Mediaan

        BTW, what sort of academic boost did you get from the wonderful tits? Kids go to school for schooling.

        • Cadwallader

          Kids don’t go to school solely for academic growth, they go to school to learn to participate in society. To pare it back to academics is blinkered to the point of snobbishness. I had a teacher who taught biology and she was well endowed too.

        • GazzW

          Precisely my point Mediaan – aside from being a capable chemistry teacher she along with the other women teachers in my life made no lasting impression. Teenage boys need good role models and women don’t fit the bill.

          • Mediaan

            Yes. Absolutely they do need good role models. But in school they they need good teachers, then everything else. At present we have 20% of children failing to learn the basics, most of them boys. The ones failing are boys.

      • Roland

        Wouldnt mind betting that she was also a ‘Bunny Girl’ at the Shoreline Restaurant

    • Hazards001

      The reason girls are doing better than boys at school is solely attributable to the change in curriculum introduced by the feminazis that rewards girls for their ability to take all year to do a project and put little flowers and pastes it’s in the margins and punishes boys by removing the thing that actually shows value..the ability to focus and perform under pressure.
      Thank God my kids are girls!

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      Women are more inclined to conform to balderdash. They are more caring and sensitive in general, so they don’t criticise nonsense. If they were still in the kitchen, political correctness would have never had the hold on society that it has.

    • Techersrock

      What an amazing load of shit Med.

  • LesleyNZ

    Ha ha – love it!