Targeting New Zealand now as back door to Australia

People smugglers appear to now be targeting New Zealand as a back door route to get into Australia rather than via boats.

People smugglers are concocting a new product to sell to asylum seekers: flying them into Australia on fake tourist visas to sidestep the harsh policies of both political parties aimed at people arriving on boats.

Three groups of Iranian asylum seekers in the Indonesian province of West Java have said smugglers’ agents have approached them in recent days with a plan that comes with a money-back guarantee.

For between $US15,000 ($16,350) and $US25,000 per person – three to five times the average boat fare – they will fly them from Indonesia to Thailand or Malaysia, then to Australia on a genuine but altered passport, probably from Europe.

The smugglers say their proposal avoids the Papua New Guinea solution and the opposition’s temporary resettlement plan.

Iranian Binai Abdu Samad said many people ”already came here [to Indonesia] with illegal passports … now a smuggler is saying, ‘We’ll prepare for you a tourist visa.’

”When you get to Australia, you cut the passport and go to immigration and say I am a refugee. They can’t send you back then,” he said. ”And you will get a lawyer with the smuggler’s help.”

And then there is the New Zealand connection…a discounted version.

The idea is one of a number being pitched to an audience of desperate people dismayed by the Rudd government’s Papua New Guinea solution and the opposition’s tough new policy.

Another idea is a route from Indonesia to New Zealand by boat – a journey the smugglers say will cost $US5000 and take 15 days.

It’s clear from what asylum seekers are saying that the new offerings remain in the marketing phase.

A Department of Immigration spokesman said tight security meant few people travelling on false documents made it to Australia.

But, if they did and claimed asylum, ”those [claims] are assessed”.

”These numbers remain small,” he said.

But it is all ok, Labour says there is no problem.


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  • conwaycaptain

    West Papua to NZ during the TRS season?? V few would make it and if they did and it was proved they came from Indonesia then put them on a plane back there

    • kevin

      Fly them back? Too easy and think of the bona fide passengers. No, pop them back on a slow shitty boat as ballast or container.

  • I’d adovacate detaining all boat people on Auckland Island. However, I like the wildlife on those islands too much… what about the Chathams?

    • Palmerston North?

      • Mediaan

        With Tangimoana and the GCSB installation right near Palmerston North? Fat chance. Hamilton maybe, or Gisborne.

        • thor42

          Nah, no way.

          My solution? Tell them “gee, I hope you don’t get too jetlagged because you’re about to get some more. There’s the next flight to PNG.”

          Turn them around *immediately*.

          You’d only need to do that for several dozen or so and then the word would very soon get around.

        • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

          Gisborne. Or the Hutt Valley.

      • Not nasty enough. We could outsource this to the Russians, there is a lot of empty space north of Vladivostok where they can state at Sarah Palin’s place.

      • Cadwallader

        They’re already there!

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Potential Labour-Green voters eh?

    • With their tendency to not say that the Rainbow are wrong, but just kill them? When supping with such, a long spoon is required.

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      Fuck. be careful! If Trevor read this he’d take the proposal to caucus after writing it on the back of a beer mat in the backbencher!

  • peterwn

    So it seems NZ and Aus should perhaps require everyone to apply for ‘formal’ visas (like Australia used to do for all but Kiwis) except for those with ‘E’ passports from nations that will allow NZ and Aus to do passport database checks – to check that passport number is valid and that key details and image have not been tampered with. A massive pain in the bum, but seems necessary.

  • thor42

    We have *got* to be at least as tough as the Aussies (if not tougher), otherwise you can guarantee that we’ll be seen as a “soft touch”. These people-smuggling bastards are not stupid – if there is any way at all that they can make money and get these people in here, they’ll do it.

    We do *not* want to be the dosshouse of the Third World – we have the *right* to tell the UN to shove their “refugee convention” up their backsides and protect our borders.

    Getting really tough on these people would be a *HUGE* vote-winner for the Nats.

    • Mediaan

      Yes. Time to stop talking soft. We should recognise that 95% of all are opportunists and 5-15% of all are networked criminals-to-be, or how did they get the money. The sum I have seen quoted for fare is $12-14,000 per head in a family. In a country like Afghanistan, which a lot have claimed to be from, how did they get that per head of family?

      I welcome the good methodical settlers who apply, fill in the papers, take their chances and take their turn. They are going to be wonderful kiwis if they they decide to remain here. They are diverse in business contacts, culturally enriching, hard-working, and well worth the money and time we give them.

      The others are little more than a menace to New Zealand.

      • thor42

        “…how did they get that per head of family?”

        My guess would be from either the Taliban or the Saudis. It is well-known that the Saudis are spening *massive* amounts of money building mosques all over the world (particularly in Pakistan, the UK and the US). Given that the Taliban have access to drugs money, sending a few thousand Afghans down here would be little more than pocket-money-spending for them.

        • DavidKNZ

          Bit late now Thor42.
          Theres already a girls only muslim only school out at mangare, financed by Wahhabiist money and ideology.

          And the easy route is to arrive on a visitors or student visa, and find a kiwi (citizen or PR) to marry you. Who needs leaky boats, when a well placed ad on FindSomeone or NZ Dating will do the trick :-). Ever try a search on “Student looking to find kiwi partner to start a new life”???. And then there are Immigration agents, who, for a fee, will coach the applicant on how to present credibly to Immigration NZ, who are bound not to discriminate on the basis of age or religion

          • thor42

            Ahh, but *that’s* where my suggestion in my above post comes in – legally defining Islam as as *ideology* rather than a religion.

            Italy already leads the way in that they do not recognise Islam as a religion.

            If you legally define it as an “ideology of hate” then you can “discriminate” all you want (and to hell with what the UN or anyone else says – this is OUR country and we make *our* laws).

            Ever looked under a pine tree?
            Nothing grows there.
            That is Islam in a nutshell.
            Nothing grows under Islam except terrorism and hatred.

  • unitedtribes

    I would like to offer Waiheke Island as a natural settling pond for these poor travellers. They would be well looked after by all the caring people who are justing bursting inside for the chance to do their bit to save the world. After a year I would then ask the fuckin pinko do-gooders barstards weather they still think its a good idea.

    • St_Hubbins

      That would be the perfect response to the Gordon Brown “rubbing the right’s nose in diversity” policy. Give the pinko bastards a taste of their own medicine.