Ted Nugent: ‘Dope-smoking gangsta wannabe’ Trayvon Martin ‘got justice’ [VIDEO]

Ted Nugent isn’t one to mince words, and he sure doesn’t hold back on commenting on the Geroge Zimmerman case.

Rocker-turned-conservative commentator Ted Nugent is continuing to push his assertion that last month’s “not guilty” verdict in the George Zimmerman murder trial was the correct one, and that Zimmerman is still a victim in the wake of Trayvon Martin’s death.

In an interview that aired on Saturday with Joe Pags on the syndicated program “The Weekend”, Nugent caught the attention of some left-wing storefronts when he made the suggestion in their view that Martin had gotten what he deserved. 

Nugent was responding to planned protests over his stance on the verdict before a concert scheduled for Tuesday at New Haven, Conn. He said his views of the incident are backed by a police investigation and a jury.


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  • Chiefsfan73


  • Orange

    Wow, he speaks well for a rocker

  • BobaJob

    Ted was aged 18 in ’69 when he dodged the war draft due to being classified as having a significant physical or mental illness. His ability to rock appears to rule out a physical illness.

    • What is it with you leftist wankers, always wanting people to stay in their box and not ever improve or change?

      • BobaJob

        The irony of your post is not lost on me Whaleoil!

    • Richard McGrath

      The military draft is a form of involuntary servitude and it is every person’s right to resist being turned into a slave.

      • BobaJob

        He didn’t resist being told he was not fit to serve.

    • Muffin

      Maybe he did at the time, cock

      • BobaJob

        Ted claims he didn’t wash himself for a month and had shit encrusted undies and snorted cocaine when he went in for the medical.

        But even if he had resisted calling him a cock is a bit below the belt.

        • Muffin

          Pity you weren’t enlisted…… Hamburger hill fighting for the commies would suit you. Cock

          • BobaJob

            A hill fighting for the commies! You are so correct , I would have loved to see those Yanks kick that hills butt!

  • RightNow

    Ted takes no prisoners. Heads will roll.

  • cows4me

    Trayvon Martin supporters reside in Bongo Bongo-Land.