That’s what you get for sitting on the sidelines…..


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  • steve and monique

    Well I bet that is not what they expected. But you would be dumb if you did not. Darwin strikes again.

  • thor42

    Bloody savages.

    The thing is – they are stupid, but Western leaders are even *more* stupid for believing the BS that Islam is a “religion” rather than an ideology/cult. Given that 60% of Islam’s texts are about *non-Muslims* (and 31% about jihad), that’s sure as hell an *ideology* in my book.
    Not only that, but via shari’a, Islam strays far outside the boundaries of what religion usually covers.

  • Orange

    They all saw the plane in the sky, all looking at it, and only a couple bother walking away…

    • thor42

      Yeah! It’s just like that Smokefree Rally ad with the possums –

      “Whoa, check it out! Two moons! *Splat*”

  • Not quite convinced Allahu was that ahkbar to be honest.

  • thehawkreturns

    Excellent targeting. Hygiene improved.

  • Mr_V4

    Strategic note: After being hit by a freaking missle, don’t give away you location by yelling Allahu Akbar.