The demands of “The Seven”

Len Brown has agreed to some of the demands of "The Seven", but which one?

Len Brown has agreed to some of the demands of “The Seven”, but which ones?

So, what were the demands of “The Seven”?

What did they tell the Mayor Len Brown he had to do if he wanted any support from “The Seven” electorates?

1. That Len Brown instruct the Boards of POAL and ACIL to back off a bit so that collective agreements can be put in place

2. That Len Brown must support any candidate that happens to endorse him particularly in “The Seven” electorates 

3. That Len Brown must introduce a Living Wage policy for all Council staff

4. That Len Brown’s financial backers need to also get in behind “The Seven”

Word is that the Mayor’s team have agreed to some of that – but which ones?

And what roles do Michael Wood, Kate Sutton and Robert Gallagher play in this murky mess?

Was Simon Mitchell (you know him already – the guy who purchased the Paintergate painting and destroyed it) involved as well?

I wonder what their demands of the parliamentary leadership have been?


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  • Chartstopper

    Oh goody. A juicy arm bending and devious scare tactics type of story is unfolding.
    Good work WO.
    One assumes WO already knows the answers.
    I shall ignore my children all day to capture feed from WO.
    Anything that involves Len going down…

    • conwaycaptain

      Len going down on what?? The mind BOGGLES

      • Cash

        In the words of Elton John…

        • Hazards001

          “Don’t let your son go…”

  • williamabong

    Len seems that desperate to retain the job he would do practically anything, keep up the pressure Cam, nothing disinfects like sunlight, and you can just bet this little band of happy wanderers aren’t happy seeing this splattered on this site

  • mike

    Because if Hamilton couldn’t afford a living wage Auckland can… yeah right!

  • GazzW

    For the benefit of the less well-informed can you name those involved. It’s important that the public is aware of who these people are.

  • thor42

    I heard that there is now an Auckland mayoral candidate from the “Affordable Cities” group.

    Maybe you could do an article on him, WO?

    I can’t even remeber the guy’s name, but the article I saw on him made him look like a very good guy.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Sick of the marketing one liners.

      Worlds Most Livable City = Worlds Most expensive

      Affordable Cities = ???????? (Worlds most expensive)

      Council lack of proper planning and ineffective management coupled with a growing council bureaucracy means that both will be an expensive waste of time = failure.

      Good if you own property in the right areas, bad if you are having to pay rent. Property prices will go up, rents will go up, wages will remain about the same maybe go lower after the inflation TAX, cost of going to work will also rise.

      Long term outlook have a gander at Detroit.

      In anticipation of a congestion TAX maybe the likes of Auckland Uni should be looking at relocating out of the central city.

      • Salacious T Crumb

        Nah get the scarfies to take out bigger bludges, I mean loans….

      • Clever Harry

        Here here!
        What is ‘the worlds most liveable city’?
        If you google search it you find every Tom dick and Harry city in the world makes that claim.
        Just because someone says it doesn’t mean it’s so.

    • Why would I do that? Stephen Berry does nothing but abuse me on Facebook. He is a silly little twerp with all the poor attitude that the happy hand-clapping libertarian brigade exhibit.

    • Guest

      He is a jumped up little goose.

  • conwaycaptain

    The sooner you start a newspaper that brings all these things to light to the main stream public the better

    • AngryTory

      No newspaper would do better than!

      What Whale needs to start is a party to stop these things happening

      Imagine if the Whale party had 15% or even 10% after the next election
      – no more unions
      – no more strikes
      – no more settlements or UNDRIP
      – no more state schools (all chartered)
      – no more welfare

      Sounds pretty f*king good to me!

      • GazzW

        Never going to happen in NZ AT so take a couple of pills and suck it up. You could emigrate.

        • Dave

          Emigrate Gazz, but where to, where in the world has the climate, relative high living standards, access to some of the worlds best environmental features (beaches, mountains) clean air and water, and a decent government, and when all said and done, freedom and security. Thank god NZ has a national government.

          • GazzW

            Actually Dave I was trying to think of a country to suggest but came up short. Seems every country on the planet has been fucked up in some way or another by politicians.

  • AngryTory

    If NZ had an ICAC Brown & the rest of his “team” would not only be jailed by also banned from involvement in politics for life.

    • Councils suck

      So true. NZ local politics is corrupt. The rot started deeper inside though – at officer level – and has purveyed into local politics through shoulder rubbing in regulatory committees and the like. Now, years later you have creeps like Len who have learned the tricks of the trade and apply it willingly to maintain control and power.
      Len is a master of deceit. But he learned from way dodgier scumbags.

  • Carrot

    The National Government needs to wake up and smell the coffee.
    Leftist Marxists, Unions, the Green Taliban and Labourites are infiltrating local politics.
    The LGA and RMA reforms coming through need to be mindful of the dangers of Councils like Auckland that are left bent and strong armed by groups with agendas.
    They can cause massive damage because the laws are essentially allowing them to conduct themselves in an unfettered and discretionary way

    • Petra

      That’s only a danger because the laws are loose and open for interpreting to suit.
      Refining the laws and restricting what Councils can do is utterly critical.
      Without which these loonies will turn local councils into a mess.

  • sheppy

    Deep joy so Lenny’s going to waste yet more of OUR RATES if he gets in again. This leads a lot of sunlight!

  • Frankie

    The left have always been marked by loose expenditure. The right by tight fisted economics.
    The problem for Aucklanders is that we can’t afford half the things the left is offering and the Council is already in need of financial restructuring and a financial hand-brake.
    If the left infiltrates all of local govt then the expenditure will explode. Rates will rise but ultimately – like regional Spain – the Council will go broke.
    Rather than balance out lefties the quickest reaction is to restrict Council spending to control them.

  • Chris

    How did Auckland end up with such a spastic as mayor?

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      He was elected by a spastic electorate.

  • Pirate Paul

    Has anyone wondered if the left these days isn’t made up of overall clad iron working sooty engineers, printers and port side hard labouring people – but rather angry, extortionate, slightly mentally unhinged lesbo’s, lazy arsed Maori and their jandal shod pacific cousins, activists, tree hugging dope smoking lunatics and a stack of fringe hand grenade throwing minority groups all angry and looking for a soap box to botch about how their lives suck and how unfair it all is? These sooks need to realise it takes hard work and risk to get ahead of the pack. Not a free ride or a pigs trough experience care of central and local government. Appears to me that they all want to wrestle life improvement into being by making the govts of our country pay for it.

    • Clarence

      Bingo! It’s all Helen Kelly, Helen Clark, John Minto types. Angry and protesting and thinking that the only reason their lives are tough is because someone else is with-holding it from them.
      These cats pushing around Len are part of the pack. Sub-set B.