The demands of ?The Seven?

Len Brown has agreed to some of the demands of "The Seven", but which one?

Len Brown has agreed to some of the demands of “The Seven”, but which ones?

So, what were the demands of ?The Seven??

What did they tell the Mayor Len Brown he had to do if he wanted any support from ?The Seven? electorates?

1. That Len Brown instruct the Boards of POAL and ACIL to back off a bit so that collective agreements can be put in place

2. That Len Brown must support any candidate that happens to endorse him particularly in ?The Seven? electorates?

3. That Len Brown must introduce a Living Wage policy for all Council staff

4. That Len Brown’s financial backers need to also get in behind ?The Seven?

Word is that the Mayor?s team have agreed to some of that – but which ones?

And what roles do Michael Wood, Kate Sutton and Robert Gallagher play in this murky mess?

Was Simon Mitchell (you know him already ? the guy who purchased the Paintergate painting and destroyed it) involved as well?

I wonder what their demands of the parliamentary leadership have been?