The Huddle


I was on Larry Williams’ show, The Huddle, last night. I was on with Josie Pagani again…

Our topics were:

Rudd vs Abbott – when two nasty middle aged white men get nasty at each other. They’re both deeply odd. Rudd like all socialists likes to cheat and did so at the first debate. The media say that there was no clear winner from the debate.

Then there’s tinkering with Kiwi Saver for first home buyers…which is being dressed up by National as some sort of plan for first home buyers. It sure won’t make homes more affordable (which is a stupid concept anyway)  or providing more supply for the growing demand in Auckland. But it hasn’t stopped Mr Mid-life Crisis Peter Dunne from changing his mind on something yet again. He is now demanding that Kiwisaver be solely used for reitrement. Dopey Old Dunne obviously cant remember he supported Kiwisaver back in the day with the first home buyers component.

And last but not least the silly kiwis still being ripped off online


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