The Huddle


I was on Larry Williams? The Huddle show last night with Josie Pagani.

Our topics were;

The?America?s cup farce?continues ? clearly no amount of money makes these boats safe or easy to use, and it?s all about the rich boys and their toys.

Then we?ve got a smaller dairy company on the West Coast of the South Island caught up with having?elevated nitrate levels in their milk powder.?It?s not even a contamination scare as such ? but they are at least fronting and talking about it. Unlike Fonterra?s bad PR job, they should take a leaf out of the book from these operators. ?

We also had the?first gay marriages officially sanctioned?? and now the countdown is on the to first same sex divorce. I predict bloodshed in the courts. It?s going to be handbags drawn and stilettos ready. Fabulous!

And of course the?the great tampon debate.