The Huddle at 1740


I am on Larry Williams’ The Huddle show this evening with Josie Pagani.

Our topics are likely to be;

The America’s cup farce continues – clearly no amount of money makes these boats safe or easy to use, and it’s all about the rich boys and their toys.

Then we’ve got a smaller dairy company on the West Coast of the South Island caught up with having elevated nitrate levels in their milk powder. It’s not even a contamination scare as such – but they are at least fronting and talking about it. Unlike Fonterra’s bad PR job, they should take a leaf out of the book from these operators.  

Today we’ve also had the first gay marriages officially sanctioned – and now the countdown is on the to first same sex divorce. I predict bloodshed in the courts. It’s going to be handbags drawn and stilettos ready. Fabulous!

And of course the the great tampon debate.


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  • OrphanIsland

    What “Americas cup Farce” , who would have thought ten years ago they’d be sailing 72 foot Hydro Foiled catamarans , “amazing” is probably a bit old now ….

    Let alone the next series in Auckland again …..

    • Whafe

      Agree, F1 on water, it is amazing for sure… Will bring sailing back from the dark ages

      • OrphanIsland

        It also Honours the guy that used to sprint up and down Auckland harbour on the first ever foiled dinghy. Hope they paid ya Bud.
        Almost called the Deodar one day after he crashed, but finally a head appeared :-)

        Must have been 25-30knots of wind, I swear he was flying M8! , made wind surfers look slow it did.

    • Bryan

      well for the lack of a battery it all came to a grinding halt today, but oracle, prada and us all had problems and they say the local public are backing the Kiwis against oracle!! haha which is really hacking Mr oracle off and having one of their rudders completely SNAP off they are really worried at least our problem was fixed in ten mins and that after the Big Surf dive yesterday and all other boats that have done that have been smashed up so we build them tough down here, and all the guys wanting to build new boats big and small world wide are watching all this.
      Think how many developments have come out of the NASA space programme over the years, design wise, product wise, education wise, what sports car racing has lead to changes in car design that we now drive and our guys are again showing a leading edge that has turning sailing on its head and i love it as we are “a small nation with Big ideas ” and we do so much with very little compared to other countries

  • mike

    The may have spent million on the Americas Cup but then again how much does the NZRFU spend on the AB’s and super rugby, or the Brits on football, or the Americans on NFL or Baseball…. all sports are rich boys clubs.

    • Travis Poulson

      What are you on about, the taxpayer doesn’t fund the All Blacks or NZRU. Jesus christ mate, the All Blacks and super rugby is the NZRU’s main assets, you know, their main source of income. You understand how business works, right?

      Team NZ had a 30 million dollar taxpayer injection. Not. Even. Remotely. Similar.

      • rangitoto

        I wonder how much the govt spent on securing the RWC being held here.

        • Travis Poulson

          I’ll repeat myself: The taxpayer doesn’t fund the All Blacks or the NZRU.

          Your long RWC bow being drawn doesn’t change that fact.

          • rangitoto

            The govt have funded sevens IIRC. Not sure why you think the RWC is a long bow. It’s still funding sports in the hope of getting some benefit.

          • Travis Poulson


          • Travis Poulson

            Yes, rugby fans snapped up 1.35 million tickets, generating revenue of $265.6m. However, despite the tournament being a roaring success, it still made a budgeted $40m loss for the New Zealand Rugby Union and taxpayers.

            Rugby NZ 2011 Ltd spokesman Mike Jaspers has said that although it was always forecast to make a loss, the cup was considered to be a good investment given the huge opportunities it offered New Zealand in terms of visitors and the platform it provided to tell our story to the world.

            What about those big-wig investors?

            The Cloud on Auckland’s Queens Wharf was used as a key place to showcase New Zealand and its innovative businesses to visitors – organised by the Auckland Regional Chamber of Commerce, NZ Trade and Enterprise and the Government’s 2011 office.

            A NZ Trade and Enterprise survey of 303 visitors to the Cloud showed they were surprised at the level of innovation and technological nous, design aesthetic and sophistication in thinking shown by our businesses. “I want one of those” was a key catchphrase, the survey reported.

            But converting desire into business opportunities was the next challenge.

            NZ Trade and Enterprise’s Peter Bull says it had a “hot-list” of investor contacts three staff were working on but no deals had been signed yet. It may take months for the deals to pan out, he says.

            An evaluation report released this month by the multi-agency Auckland Council group looked into Auckland’s role in hosting the cup, and included a survey of 500 regional businesses.

            The report claimed $150m of deals were in the pipeline among those businesses showcased, with the first announcement expected by March next year. It said it had 71 potential opportunities for deals within the following sectors: marine (17), bioscience (10), food and beverage (13), ICT (13), screen (6), aviation (5), creative (2), agribusiness (4) and other (4).

            “We also hosted international investors, fund managers and chief executives from key organisations and trading countries.

            “This resulted in 21 investment opportunities from venture capital funding and foreign direct investment,” said Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development spokesman Clyde Rogers.


      • Whafe

        TP, This 30 MMX investment will be paid back in no time, it was a worthwhile investment, the spin off’s from this event for New Zealand will be HUGE….

        • Travis Poulson

          I wasn’t disputing that. Just the fact he compared it to NZRU and the All Blacks, which is completely different.

          I happen to think investing in Team NZ will be worthwhile if we bring it back to NZ, as long as that boat doesn’t fall to pieces…

          The event has turned into a clusterfuck no thanks to Russell Cooties, I mean look at how many teams are competing. You can count on Dalton to fix this fucking mess.

      • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

        They certainly don’t pay for the stadiums which the games are played in though, Travis. Ratepayers foot that bill whether they like rugby or any other event which occurs in the stadium or not.

        • Travis Poulson

          There’s a lot of things that rate payers foot the bill for that they don’t like.


  • DavidW

    How much have the challenging teams spent in NZ getting boats built and sailing them? I would bet dollars to a knob of goat shit that what we have pulled into the economy of NZ has been several multiples of the cash injected from the tourism budget, and that is before you start measuring the international exposure.

    • mike

      Exactly, how long was Luna Rossa based in Auckland… renting a big chunk of real estate on the water front, a bunch of houses for the team?

      How much did NZ make on the last America’s cup we hosted?

      How much did we sink into RWC and what returns did we get?

      $30m is a drop in the bucket compared to all the rest of the crap we spend.

  • Roland

    Just to ‘nit pick’ , the lead up to Tv1 news said it was the 1st race in the series, correct me but I think it’s the second