The truth eventually comes out

via the tipline.

A former resident of Marlborough drew my attention to this story…something didn’t seem right…

The mother of an 18-year-old man who needs plastic surgery after being seriously assaulted in broad daylight on the Taylor River Reserve feels sickened by the viciousness of the attack.

Sarah Hughes said her son, a student at Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology, was walking along the Taylor River in Blenheim about noon on Friday when he was jumped from behind by at least two men between the Henry St bridge and Purkiss St.

He was punched twice in the back of the head before he fell to the ground, where he was kicked in the face before he passed out.

When he gained consciousness, he went straight home and did not report the attack to police.

“He said he was worried about being called a nark, but he’s also the sort of person who doesn’t like to make a fuss,” Ms Hughes said.  

People just don’t get beaten up in a very public reserve in the middle of the day unless something’s very skewed.  The young bloke “didn’t want to make a fuss”, didn’t call the police, didn’t want to be a “nark”, didn’t get medical help until Mum stepped in.

And then the truth came out

A Blenheim teenager appeared in the Blenheim District Court yesterday, facing a charge of selling cannabis to persons under the age of 18.

Dylan George Hughes-Drawbridge, 18, was sentenced to nine months’ supervision, 100 hours of community work and ordered to attend drug and alcohol counselling for supplying the substance.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Mark Harris said Hughes-Drawbridge had been texting an associate, arranging to sell cannabis to young people under the age of 18 on June 28.

He met them at the river bank where he was going to sell them tinnies of cannabis for $25 each, before he was attacked and the cannabis was stolen.

Turns out he’s a feral drug dealer peddling dope to younger kids and got sorted out by a couple of his customers.

Don’t mess with the grown-ups if you’re still scared of what Mummy might say!


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  • dumbshit

    seems “drawbridge” should have “withdrawn” before he fired

  • Shoreboy57

    And guess who will be paying for the plastic surgery?

    • cows4me

      We can only hope that it will be worth paying for his plastic surgery, he might have learnt a valuable life lesson . Hopefully plastic surgey will be cheaper than his boarding fees in prison when he gets older.

      • Marty

        He’ll be in jail before he’s 25. His next bout of plastic surgery will be having his chocolate nugget sown up after someone has torn him a new one. Little bastard.

  • DLNZ

    Hopefully he changes his ways. If not, she’ll be crying to the papers in 10 years time when her innocent son starts roaming around golf courses with guns and gets dealt to by an armed police officer.

  • Patrick

    “People just don’t get beaten up in a very public reserve in the middle of the day unless something’s very skewed”

    Agree entirely & these days plenty of us put these kinds of incidents down to drugs – either dealing or owing the dealer money or favours.

    The exception recently would appear to be the poor Aussie lad shot in the States while walking down the road by 3 scroates. They did it just for kicks apparently, shame they are too young to get fried in the chair.

    • Mickrodge

      Yes, I guess the best we can hope for is that all three get a good arse raping from Bubba in the big house “just for kicks”.

      What the fuck is wrong with the world when you decide to kill another person just for shits & giggles?

  • surfisup

    ha ha ha ha ha ha .