This isn’t being Green, this is just being practical


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  • dantheperson

    what a load of BS. “one parking space found saves 1 litre of oil”? No, 30 parking spaces are needed because the 1 litre is a monthly figure. It’s their own stats and they get it wrong by a factor of 30.

  • P1LL

    Sorry Pete , but this is using a precious element (helium) to save petrol. The world is running out of helium. Helium

    • Kopua Cowboy

      Too much precious carbon is locked up in the form of oil. We should all be doing our part for the climate, and set the carbon free!

    • James

      No we aren’t running out of helium; that is more ridiculous greenie scare mongering. Helium is constantly being produced in the planet and makes its way up to places where it becomes naturally trapped. What happens is that extracting helium from these traps is expensive; and so we only do it when there is something else that we can extract that makes it profitable. So most of the helium we get comes from natural gas wells.

      Indeed the price of helium is so low that in the vast majority of these wells we let the helium escape into the atmosphere; we only bother trying to extract the helium from wells where the concentration of it is high.

      As the price of helium goes up two things will happen; the first is that it will become economical to extract it from wells with lower concentrations and second we’ll figure out new technologies to recapture and reuse it. These technologies will have the handy side effect of decreasing the cost of extraction and thus the price will come back down.

      Incidentally I believe that CSIRO have recently developed the technology to capture and reuse helium used in medical technology so we are half way there.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Cool gimmick, but just a gimmick. Here some little shit would cut the cord for “fun”.

  • Kopua Cowboy

    Stuff the balloons, I like the fact they all reverse into the parks!

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Soil, quite funny.
    Now if I wanted to park, I would stop at the entrance to the carpark and wait for a yellow balloon to tell me where to go. Fuck everybody else behind me – they can wait.
    Socialist bullshit, they need more parking space full stop.
    Fuck I hope Len does not get wind of this

  • John Q Public

    They need to import some whiteys to do the valet work. Asians and parking don’t mix.

  • Paul A

    Do all Koreans read English? Smell a marketing ploy rat.

  • Jman

    Those balloons don’t look very practical. I’ve been to a few car-lots overseas where they use a system of overhead lights. Red for occupied. Green for available. You just scan the parking lot for a green light. Works a treat.

    • dantheperson

      Yeah they have that system of overhead lights in auckland too.

  • Hollyfield

    The biggest flaw with this system is that it assumes only one person is looking for a parking space at a time. When I drive into a shopping mall carpark, or into my work’s staff carpark, there are always other cars parking at the same time. Under this system, you would drive in, see a balloon, drive over to it and somebody closer could have beaten you to it. So then you look around for another balloon, drive over to it, and someone closer could have beaten you again. You could end up driving further than if you had just entered and driven logically to a park (I never waste time driving around looking for a park, I just go straight to an area of the carpark not in high demand, and walk the few extra metres,)

  • James

    Anyone else notice the bastard driver went the wrong way (against the arrows) to make sure that he got to the space first?

  • Mark

    I agree with johnbronkhors. In NZ some little hori would probably pop them or cut the string. They’d all be gone within a day. Far easier to destroy than create.