Today’s Trivia




Yamaha originally produced pianos, and of course still does; it only began making motorbikes in 1954, 67 years after it was established. (source)


Impressively organised serial killer H. H. Holmes built a hotel specifically designed for murder. It included soundproof rooms, a chute for corpses and an incinerator in the basement. (source)


Direct from the store, triple washed bagged lettuce has been shown to have more bacteria than raw chicken. (source)


A gas cloud is currently in the process of being torn apart in the centre of our galaxy. (source)


Turns out Lemmings don’t tend to charge of cliffs in group suicides after all. (source)


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  • Mr_V4

    Lemmings was a game developed for the Amiga.

    • Never in the dark…..

      Then they ported it to DOS…..first I drove my wife nuts with “Yippee!”, then she caught the bug…..dinner was late for a while ;)

    • Bunswalla

      I loved that game – actually I just checked to see if there was a version of it on the App Store – no such luck.

    • James Howlett

      Mr_V4 is correct. Glad I was able to ignite a few reminiscences for you all. Don’t recall ever having an Amiga in our home. Think I wrote my first program, and probably played the original Lemmings, on an older IBM PC-“JX”.

  • mark

    I remember when the modems at about that time were around $1000 and you put it on the actual headset. I am only 34 =)

  • DangerMice

    I had an Amiga 500 with a whopping 512Kb hard drive. Woooo!
    I learned to program with AmigaBasic

    • pidge

      Probably a 512MB HDD, and I’ve got one of those sidecar Harddrives stashed somewhere…

      • DangerMice

        Ha, yes you’re correct. I had 40 odd floppies worth of games on it. It ran like the wind and I had no more pesky “Insert Disk 2” messages

      • Never in the dark…..

        Given the vintage more likely to be a 50Mb tops, if an hard drive at all. The 500 didn’t support hard drives out the box, however there was a 512kb memory expansion module.

        • pidge

          Ah yeah – and probably 40MB tops. I’ll have to unearth the Amiga 500 HDD expansion box I have and check.

          • Never in the dark…..

            Quantum Prodrive 52Mb or 42Mb (SCSI), take your pick. Both were ‘sought after’ back then, with a price difference of about $100! For 10Mb!! Try explain that one to the young’uns.

    • Michael

      I had a C64 with a cassette tape loader. I saved up $80 and bought a 5.25 inch floppy drive for it, which loaded everything so much faster, like only 3 minutes instead of 15.

  • Tom

    Yamaha make excellent keyboards?