Today’s Trivia




Switzerland has sufficient nuclear fallout shelter capacity to accommodate the entire population. (source)


Julia Louis-Dreyfuss is richer than Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David combined. (source)


Best not commit crime in Saudi Arabia – there’s still the off chance you’ll be sentenced to crucifixion. Armed robbery will do it, though if you’re lucky you’ll just get a firing squad. (source)


American Express will not allow its cards to be used to pay for online porn due to the number of disputes in payments on those transactions. (source)


The new Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi, was in the movie World War Z – as W.H.O. Doctor. (source)


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  • I’m stumped.

    • James Howlett

      Those special effects are gold – but no that wasn’t it.

      • Aw, come on man. lol. Geez.

  • Col

    So did they die, as that newspaper clip is dated 13 March 2013

    • Michael

      Yes, but not by crucifixion. They were publicly executed by firing squad.

      Beheading is the normal method of execution in Saudi Arabia. It can be imposed for crimes such as false prophesy, drug use, and witchcraft/sorcery.

  • Michael

    Wayne Knight played Newman in Seinfeld and was the computer guy in Jurassic Park.

    • I can’t believe I missed that. /facepalm

      I was looking too hard.

      Well done.

    • James Howlett

      Michael takes it again. Cue excuse to spend evening on youtube reliving Seinfeld vs Newman moments.

  • Bunswalla

    Pffft – Julia Louis-Dreyfus is in no way richer than Seinfeld and David combined. Even the “source” admits that the figure is based on his estimate of what she might inherit after her father (who’s alive and kicking) eventually dies. Except for the fact that she also has a number of siblings, so she’s unlikely to get anything like that amount.

    Pretending she’s currently richer based on what someone thinks she “may” inherit at “some time in the future” is BS. Just sayin.

    • James Howlett

      Thanks Bunswalla I probably have to take that one on the chin. Was aware the money was coming from inheritance but just saw the headline figures and assumed the father had died. You’re correct: he has not.