Today’s Trivia




There exists a theory, “The Phantom Time Hypothesis”, that postulates the Middle Ages never happened. Adherents believe that all documents from that era are wrongly dated or falsified due to a massive conspiracy. (source)


Norway has a floating bridge over a kilometre long. (source)


TRIVIA UPDATE: As expected, ‘The Lone Ranger’ has indeed joined the pantheon of expensive Disney mistakes, sitting at a net loss of c. USD142m. (source)


Bedbugs reproduce via a process named ‘traumatic insemination’. I’ll leave the details for those interested: (source)


A cubic centimetre of human produces more energy than a cubic centimetre of the Sun. Maybe. (source)


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  • Michael

    We all wish the Phantom Menance was a conspiracy theory that never actually existed, and any reference to it was easy to dismiss as falsified…

  • “Bedbugs reproduce via a process named ‘traumatic insemination’.”

    At least someone’s having sex in my bed


    • Agent BallSack

      …so we should expect a Petal 2.0 shortly, I surmise ☻

      • There are two Petal 2.0s in existence, and the supply line to create another has been cut off, so Mrs Petal would have to answer some awkward questions if another one arrived.

        • bristol

          My wife’s nickname is Harvey Norman. 36 months no interest.

          • I guess you tried lay by?

  • mark

    Lucas Films sold to Disney

    • Ratchet

      Sold out to Disney you mean….

      • James Howlett

        Lucas sold out long, long ago.

    • James Howlett

      Yes. And it will be interesting to see if this also joins the big expensive Disney mistakes Hall of Fame. At this stage I give the chance at 50:50.