Today’s Trivia




Gillette owns Duracell and Schick is owned by Energizer, which explains those bizarre battery powered razors. (source)


The player with the longest driving average in the PGA in 1980 would have been one of the worst in 2013. (source)


US Marshals still have the power to enlist a willing civilian as a deputy. That is to say, they’re still able to ‘form a posse’. (source)


Stephen King received over 60 rejections before his first short story was published. (source)


A rabbits only blind spot is right in front of its nose. (source)


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  • Call me paranoid, but I have the feeling we can link Clint Eastwood to each and every item in some way. I’ll update this post as I find the links.

  • Muffin

    Clint eastwood in Hang em high, apprehended by a posse

  • Sidey

    Usually unshaven in his westerns. If only they had battery-powered razors back then.

  • Roustabout

    The Stephen King series the Dark Tower featured a gunslinger named Roland of Gilead, who was patterned after characters portrayed by Clint Eastwood in Sergio Leone’s Spaghetti Western films.

    • James Howlett

      Correct. Long days and pleasant nights Roustabout. You’ll note the picture is stylised using a classic Eastwood shot – but it’s The Tower in the background.

      • Wow. This is getting tough.

        • James Howlett

          I’m impressed. I thought this would be a tougher one, but it was still solved pretty quickly.

  • JC

    “US Marshals still have the power to enlist a willing civilian as a deputy. That is to say, they’re still able to ‘form a posse’.”

    Under the Forests Act 1949 a NZ warranted Forest Officer had the power to conscript civilians to fight a forest fire. Technically, a 17 year old with a warrant could order the PM out of his limousine, put a shovel in his hand and shove him into the fireline. That right only died with the Forest Service in 1987.

    Initially the authority applied to “The whole of New Zealand” but in the mid 60s was changed to “Those areas where the Minister of Forests has authority”.

    I admit to a youthful fantasy of ordering Big Norm or Rob Muldoon onto the fireline but with regret suspected that Norm would have responded with gusto.


    • FredFrog

      “Here Wussel and Met-what-the-fuck Terrier, take these petrol soaked boiler suits (Designer label for you, Ms. Terrier), and go and fight that bush fire right there.”

  • P1LL

    Trouble with the Curve, Is a movie where Clint Eastwood plays a dude going blind . Maybe a reference to the rabbits blind spot ?? that’s all I have got .