Today’s Trivia




The Rock had its premiere on Alcatraz island in 1996. Wind-surfer Jeff Bunch donned a tux, made his way out to the island uninvited and claimed to have had a cocktail with Connery before the park rangers on the island caught up with him. (source)


Guinness Book of Records reckons this is the hardest tongue twister in the world: “The sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick”. (source)


Caffeine’s main stimulatory effect is not so much that it ‘stimulate’ but that it binds to Adenosine receptors in the brain, acting as a competitive inhibitor. Fewer Adenosine receptors receive actual Adenosine (which promotes sleep and suppresses arousal) so you don’t feel tired. At least I think that’s what this article is saying. (source)


Half a ton of dynamite will not disintegrate a whale which weighs 8 tons. (LINKS TO VIDEO source)


One of Abraham Lincoln’s speeches, broadly against reviving the slave trade, nevertheless included the gem: “I say that we must not interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists, because the Constitution forbids it, and the general welfare does not require us to do so”. (source)


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  • Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter.

    • P1LL

      I think you have got it , the pic shows buffy the vampire slayer .

      • Honcho

        Sarah Michelle Gellar is a babe

    • James Howlett

      Petal takes it. Was this too easy or do you just have a thing for vampires?

      • I didn’t click for about 10 minutes when I was trying to link Geller to a world record, but then the brain snapped it into place.

        PS: No bonus point? Rotter.