Today’s Trivia


For one day in 2008 there was an app in the iPhone App Store that cost $999.99 USD and did nothing. 8 people bought it. (source)


In 1953, Ronald Maddison, a 20-year old Royal Air Force engineer died while acting as a guinea pig for sarin gas testing at Porton Down, England. Maddison was offered 15 shillings for the experiment, which he planned on using to buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend. (source)


When it was discovered that Hasbro’s flubber toy was discovered to be toxic they attempted to incinerate the remaining stock (which didn’t work) then attempted to bury it in the ocean (it just floated to the top) and finally buried it under a new parking lot. (source)


According to a state report in 2011, teachers and principals in Atlanta, Georgia had been erasing students’ wrong answers in tests and filling in the right ones for 10 years. At one school, the faculty even held weekend pizza parties to correct answers before turning them in. (source)


King Henry II employed a flatulist named Roland le Fartere (the Farter). Every Christmas, he was required to perform, “one jump, one whistle and one fart”. He was rewarded with a manor and 30 acres of land. (source)




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  • Brendon Taylor

    Wow remarkable comparison between Roland & modern day so called entertainers, i.e. news & current affairs presenters.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    That flubber toy story made me think of Fat Tony and Darren Hughes, I have no idea why.

  • BAM

    Mr Methane – a true star

    • Michael

      Saw him on Youtube from BGT:

      Will appeal to the inner 7 year old…

      • Orange

        He should try NZ’s got Talent. Probably win with a much more appreciative audience.

    • Well done.

      That’s my last Trivia for a while, James is back in action as of tomorrow.