Today’s Trivia



In 1986 All Nippon Airways found that painting menacing eyes on their plane’s engines would deter birds, resulting in fewer bird strikes. So the company painted eyes on all its large aircraft. (source)


Turns out the ‘foundations’ of astrology are even weaker than you thought. (source)


The world record for skipping a stone across water on a single throw is 51 times. (source)


Raising very young children on a no or low fat diet may actually contribute to them developing obesity in later life. (source)


Sushi originated in inland China rather than Japan. The prototype for sushi was actually a pressed block of rice with various meats or vegetables in it and it was dried in the sun so the outside had a crunchy texture and the inside was soft. The reason for doing this was mainly to preserve food and make it portable. (source)



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  • Chris

    Chesley Sullenberger is an air crash investigator.

  • Chris

    his plane was hit by birds while he was flying

  • Askfalcon

    He describes himself as an Aquarius!

  • P1LL

    Chesley Sullenberger is the man who landed his aircraft in the Hudson river after a bird-strike = the All Nippon Airways post

  • James Howlett

    Too easy apparently. ‘Sully’ managed to land his aircraft in the river after hitting birds over the Hudson.