Today’s Trivia



Mississippi has the lowest per capita income of any US state but is the second most charitable as proportion of discretionary income. (source)


Cats can rehydrate by drinking seawater due to their incredibly effective kidneys. (source)


Christopher Columbus had a man’s ears and nose cut off and sold him into slavery as punishment for stealing corn. (source)


In more corn-related trivia – only 1% of the US corn harvest is sold as actual corn for human consumption. Most is used for ethanol and co-products. (source)


In the UK the game ‘Space Invaders’ was just about banned. The ban failed in parliament 114 votes to 94, in 1981. (source)


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  • john

    Chris Columbus directed Home Alone 1
    -Easy one tonight

  • Agent BallSack

    The precise moment MacCauley Culkin discovered heroin…

    and the aftermath:

    • James Howlett

      OD’d on MJ