Today’s Trivia



Attempts to create alternatives to depleted Uranium ammunition with Tungsten-cobalt or Tungsten-nickel-cobalt alloys resulted in creating even more lethal rounds. 100% of rats tested on developed cancer within weeks. (source)


While he was alive, Alfred Nobel of the ‘Nobel Prize’, was known as ‘the merchant of death’ for his work manufacturing weapons. (source)


New Mexico was first named New Mexico in 1563, while Mexico (formerly ‘New Spain’) was only named Mexico in 1821. (source)


Iran reckons it will have a man on the moon by 2025. (source)


Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon stayed in the Billboard Top 200 selling albums for over 14 consecutive years – 736 weeks, which is a record. (source)



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  • thor42

    Ahh, Pink Floyd – still my favourite group.

    Nightwish are a close second –

    • Orange

      wow, that’s like a 90’s version of ABBA. Kinda cool.

      • thor42

        Yep, they’re great! Very catchy music.

  • Orange

    Haha if they get a man there he will be staying, probably in many very small bits.

    • Muffin

      It’s going to take them that long to CGI and photoshop the endeavour. Doesn’t matter Israel will bomb them into the stone age the second the enrich their first batch of plutonium

      • thor42


        They’ll be lucky to still *exist* in 12 years, never mind getting a man to the moon.

      • snakebit

        Ha ha ha ha oh yeah I’ll be on the moon an all…they cant even build a bloody car….

  • P1LL

    “Alfred Nobel of the ‘Nobel Prize’, was known as ‘the merchant of death’ for his work manufacturing weapons”
    Just like B H Obama , such a peaceful man :P

    • Rex Widerstrom

      That ain’t the White House…

      Was Dark Side of the Moon released on Capitol Records, perchance? I can’t be bothered Googling on my phone…

      • P1LL

        My bad , it is the US Capitol Building

      • James Howlett

        We have a winner, indeed it was Rex – in the good old days when you could release a full album without every track having to be released as a single with its own music video on youtube.

  • drummerboy

    i have an alternative to depleted uranium rounds…. bloody lead rounds! Obama is bleating on about syria using chemical weapons when they continue to use depleted uranium(which is a chemical weapon)

    • James Howlett

      Depleted Uranium is just about twice as dense as lead so when it comes to busting armour it’s the business.
      Not sure DU really counts as a ‘chemical weapon’ but huffpost today made a point similar to where I think you’re coming from:

      • Mr_V4

        More of a radiological weapon.

        • Hazards001

          More of a heavy weapon really. The radio active content of a depleted uranium round is hardly likely to be the cause of your death considering the force of its path through your body had already removed your liver lungs and heart after it had got through the walls of the tank your were surrounded by.

          • Mr_V4

            True. However the rates of genetic mutations in local populations in areas where DU has been used suggests there are more widespread toxicity effects.

  • Harvey Wilson

    Why does the picture at the top of “Daily Trivia” bear no relevance to any of the trivia topics ?

    • maninblack

      it does.. its just cryptic.. read the comments below.