Top spin from One News as they attempt to save Shearer’s skin

In a bizarre news item at the One News website they are spinning furiously that David Shearer is ok for now because in the preferred PM stakes he has gone up a measly 1%.

John Key has dipped and Labour leader David Shearer has risen in the preferred prime minister stakes, according to the latest ONE News Colmar Brunton poll.

The poll results, announced on TVNZ’s Q+A programme today, show the Prime Minister is down 1% to 41% and Mr Shearer is up 1% to 13% support as preferred prime minister. 

ONE News political editor Corin Dann told Q+A the poll result is “stop the rot” for Mr Shearer “because it was looking very wobbly for him for a while”.

The poll captured mostly opinion on the housing policy announcement “and I think it has stabilised his leadership a little bit at a time when it was looking very wobbly,” Dann said.

“I think he can springboard from this and use this to get more strength from it,” he said.

The curious thing is that One News has let this little bit out of the bag but not mentioned the rest, and more important part of the poll results…that standing of the parties. Why is that?

Framing is why it is…a change that is well within the margin of error is hardly cause for such a feature ahead of the news tonight…unless it is the single piece of good news for the Labour party…we shall see.

On thing is for sure though, I think we can put Corin Dann in the red corner for that little bit of shameless spin.


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  • johnbronkhorst

    Size of poll???…1000?
    Error and uncertainty???….3%??
    The usual numbers??

  • Sure Corin isn’t Shearer’s new pressec?

    How can anyone insist on credibility after spinning a 1% movement like that?

    • John Q Public

      It’s actually about a 7% increase but a one percentage point increase. Don’t feel bad, everybody gets that wrong, especially journalists

      • Only because you’re being pedantic: I wrote “1% movement”, not “increase”. I make enough mistakes as it is, and am happy to own up to them, but to get told off for doing it right is beyond the pale ;)

  • Daniel Church

    Ha. The only good news for Shearer is that he is doing better than Phil Goff, who celebrated those rare occasions where he got into the double digits. Shearer survives only because he has the support of the caucus. Meanwhile, Andrew Little is quietly drumming up support from the union wing of the party to knife him, Grant Robertson is quietly drumming up enough support from the gay wing to knife him, and David Cunliffe is still openly running a destablilisation campaign against him; which has thus far only been unsuccessful because half the caucus think his surname should be spelt with a silent ‘T’.

    • “Shearer survives only because he has the support of the caucus”.

      Not really. He has only a little bit over a 3rd of the support. But the problem is that the other two factions don’t see it as advantageous to band together to take Shearer down.

      So they wait for an opportunity to suit their cause.

      In the mean time, Shearer really isn’t much more than Bernie. (See: Weekend at Bernies)

      • FredFrog

        Really wondering if the other factions would want to roll him anytime soon anyway. Easier and better to wait until they lose the next election, and roll him immediately after, rather than risk a roll now, and still lose the next election.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      I really am slow – I never knew that’s what they meant by silent T :)

      I hope they do slit up into 3 different factions – ha!

  • Michael

    Hmm, so One News Political Editor Corin Dann thinks David Shearer’s leadership has stabilised, will springboard up and will gain strength? Okay, but quite risky for Dann to hang his credibility on David Shearer’s leadership becoming successful.

    • Whanga_Cynic

      Corin Dann’s credibility – another oxymoron shurely?

  • Rodger T


  • Blue Tim

    Outrageous. Another reason I now don’t watch one & 3 news. Currently watching the History of Wales on Choice. Far more informative and helps us understand how bloody small and young NZ is.

  • Jimmie

    46% = Nats (-3%)
    33% = Labour (No change)
    14% = Green (+5%)
    3% = Winnie (Can’t remember)

    Honestly not a lot of change form the last few years

  • Michael

    13% is hardly an endorsement of Shearer. That’s only one person in eight.

    • That’s about half of the people who’d like to see Labour in. And that’s includes Green voters, so actual support for Shearer from his own party’s voters is quite dismal.

    • Dave

      which means, less than one in every two (closer to one in THREE) dedicated labour party voters would vote for shearer, a terrible outcome, farewell Sheep, cant say its been great, except for national :)

  • This poll would suggest that it’s labour, not national, who needs to be worried. . . They don’t gain, but greens do. . . Labour better watch out for the greens. If that’s all national suffered with all that’s gone on, the next poll from one news will show them back up again. The nats will easily rebound once the media stop carping about their beltway issue.

  • LesleyNZ

    Wasn’t it just beautiful how Corin said it all? He must think we are all a bit silly. NZ First didn’t do too good – have some NZ Firsters ejected to the Greens?

  • steve and monique

    Big fucking woo hoo. Same shit different day,

  • Danhob

    What it shows is that poles are are not to be taken seriously. The trouble with poles is that they tend to lead sheep through a gate, which makes them open to political influence, which makes a nice little circle.

  • DLNZ

    Shearer’s popularity has risen by 8%. From 12%-13% Ahhh the numbers game.

  • Col

    I read on yahoo Greens up 4% National down 4%.
    So I start singing The Green Green Hills of Home.
    Where do these people learn to count?

  • Jmac

    ACT have been at 1% for two polls, up from ,5% before.

    Shall we spin that as doubling their support?