Trail, Trial, same letters different order

Another faecespalm from the “decent journalists, trained and skilled” at the NZ Herald.



They must have had a mid-winter piss up at the Horrid this week. Either that or the sub-editors have all gone out on strike or something.

dear god



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  • Rodger T


    Deliberate,Freudian slip or typo? Whatever the reason ,totally fucking apt!

    • Deliberate, worse than a face palm, the smearing of shit over ones face

      • BobaJob

        LOL – I just did that on your NAZI post! – But at least I spotted it and did a quick edit…..

    • BobaJob

      Couldn’t be Deliberate or Freudian as that would infer cerebral activity!

  • Jimmie

    I’m no English professor however when I have to write an important email or other document I tend to type out a rough copy and then re-read it a couple of times to make sure it makes sense and to eliminate any spelling mistakes or typos present.

    I do that for private emails etc. I would have thought that for a journalist writing an article for public discourse would be doubly sure to check that their story makes sense – otherwise it reflects on their professional ability.

    The fact that they haven’t done this raises two possibilities

    1 The author of these articles doesn’t have the ability to see their mistakes

    2 They see the mistakes but can’t be bothered changing them as they don’t care about their professional reputation.

    Either way its not a good look – like an accountant messing up your books and losing a few thousand dollars here and there. No wonder their circulation is falling.

    Granny Herald is heading for the hospice.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    That mistake is just unacceptable. I am no scholar but when I read it I saw the mistake as it was because I read the word as it was. Do they not have any proof readers in these places now. I would say if these continual mistakes had happened about 30 years ago they’d be sacked without question. Shame on the biggest paper in NZ.

  • conwaycaptain

    I got my renewal notice for my sub for the NZH.
    It has increased by 10%!!!
    I will write to the editor and see if he has the guts to publish it.
    Along the lines of>>
    Newspaper of the Year what a load of hogwash, I would like to see the rest. Yours is full of poor proof reading, poor research and stories taken straight from press releases and “churnalised”
    All the articles on overseas news are just lifted from overseas newspapers and are usually at lease 2 days old and with no informed local comment.
    What has happened to the Herald from the days when it set a standard and was run by the Hortons.

    • BobaJob

      Give them a call if you want to keep getting it. Tell’em this ‘you offer discount subs for new customers and you’re charging me 10% more, not good enough I want the discount rate of nothing.’
      A mate of mine did this when the DomPost tried to up his subs. He got the discount rate.

      That’ll learn em!

  • Kendall

    As an editor I would have thought that a key role would be to check for homophones, homonyms etc, I do with anything that will go above my role let alone to the public.

  • Col

    The NZH must be hard up, I thought they would have word spell, “oh they do, do they, what, oh right, but no one knows how to use it, right understand now.

    • Bunswalla

      It’s not the spell-checker, since trail is a legitimate word. But the fact they use the wrong word and don’t even notice, is what really sets them apart.

      There’s no point taking it up with them, they seem to have long since given up on their “Corrections and Clarifications” piece, probably because it was taking up half the available column inches.

      I once rang the editor of the Bay of Plenty Times, an appalling provincial rag, enquiring as to whether they were paying monkeys to use typewriters or was it a product of failing education levels, so egregious were the errors published on a daily basis.

      He got highly defensive and asked if I had counted the number of words in an edition – he reckoned there were some ridiculously high number and they couldn’t be expected to get them all right. I advised him to stop counting the bloody words and start reading them. And that’s when the trouble started…

      • Col

        He was telling porkies look at the picture below. lol

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    I had a wee peek through the windows on Albert Street.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      See the one holding his dick?

      • BobaJob