Tweet of the Day

Trevor Mallard confirms what a Labour government would mean for us all.



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  • Muffin

    That’s officially the first time I have agreed with anything that looser has said

  • Sponge

    God he is a bell end.

  • cows4me

    I hope Clint authorised this tweet.

  • JC

    “Unemployment up”, but employment up and its just that a big tranch of people have made themselves available for work.. its a positive rather than a negative.

    “Wages flat”, but wage rises are still exceeding the rate of inflation.. its a positive.

    “Houses prices way up”, sorry Trev:

    AK house prices have risen at less than half the rate of the peak early 90s and 00s and the graph showing the present rise is flatter than those since 1990.


  • Monty

    So trev and his gaggle of self servers plan to create jobs by increasing taxes on rich pricks ( earning over $60,000) stop people buying houses, and building ghettos. Are labour serious? They really do not have even a rudimentary level of economic literacy. Yes trev (and we know you read WhaleOil) the only part of your trifecta will be unemployment up. Wages will sag. House prices will crash. If and when labour (with the Luddites which you must fear) then it will only be a one term government.

    Trev. You are a gormless fool!

  • Trevor Mallard; the gift who keeps on giving.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Honesty through shagging, who would have thought?

  • Col

    It was great to see National ( Bill English) say unemployment had gone up, that’s being honest, but where would we be if Labour was Govt?

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Mallard has plans to save NZ. Let us hear him out folks.

    • Bad__Cat

      SCS, your autocorrect function is kicking in again, it should read “savage”.