Unions backing sex-pests continued access to children

Paula Bennett’s new sex-pest reforms mean we are going to need a whole lot more registered teachers to replace the ones that are child abusers, sex-pests and apologists for the same. The whole Teachers Council may need to be replaced, they keep on covering up the actions of pedophiles.

Teachers, doctors and any other government employees who fail Social Development Minister Paula Bennett’s tough new child-abuse screening test will be instantly sacked.

The new child-protection laws will trump existing employment legislation, removing the need for bosses to go through a fair process of verbal and written warnings to dump anyone suspected of sexually preying on children.

Screening of all government employees working with children is one of the main planks of Bennett’s incoming child protection regime, unveiled last week.

All staff working with children in schools, hospitals, government agencies and organisations that get government funding must submit to security screening every three years. It is estimated to affect 376,000 people.

Anyone who fails the test would be dumped. The details of the screening tests are yet to be revealed, but police will be in charge of the vetting procedures.

“The advice I have had so far is that they could be instantly dismissed,” Bennett told the Sunday Star-Times yesterday. 

All good stuff…except for the unions. Only they would come out sticking up for the rights of sex-pests to have continued access to children.

But unions sounded warnings about the new regime.

Angela Roberts, the president of the Post Primary Teachers’ Association, said she had no problem with efforts to weed out potential predators and protecting children was “paramount”, but she was concerned the regime would trap innocent adults.

“How do you get screened? The devil will be in the detail. It’s always easy for someone in her position to take the moral high ground by saying it’s about protecting children – nobody is arguing against that.

“But there are ways of protecting children without stomping all over human rights and workers’ rights.”

Brenda Pilott, national secretary of the Public Service Association, described the plan as “undercooked” and said it raised more questions than answers.

I suppose Angela Roberts will tell us that teacher registration is the best way to protect children…after registered teacher James Parker has just been sentenced to preventative detention for being a sex predator.

The PPTA rep in Northland was front and centre in protecting James Parker.

Using the logic of Angela Roberts we should be disbanding the courts and the police because something an innocent person gets prosecuted? I mean seriously that is what they are saying.

We have seen time and again that the PPTA isn’t at all concerned about children, they are concerned about themselves and protecting their patch.


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  • Edwin Wigmore

    Yep. This could lead to disastrous consequences. It is eerily similar to the “witch trial” laws enacted that meant that men could be prosecuted for abusing children without proof. Your life could be ruined based on hearsay evidence. It’s the reason Peter Ellis went behind bars.

    Could be the start of a slippery slope. I wish we could learn from history.

  • JC

    I’ve got no problem with pre-employment checks and tests because evidence of pedo tendencies does not mean acts of pedophilia necessarily follow and the applicant can be told he failed the test(s) with no stain on his reputation.

    But I have a huge problem with current employees who have done nothing wrong but test positive for pedophilia tendencies and get summarily dismissed with no compensation or references.. thats a life sentence of ruined reputation and a horrible human rights abuse.

    How many good men and women are going to avoid jobs where such tests apply? Will it mean a vastly increased womanforce in the caring/social/teaching sector.. and is this a good thing?

    There is a lot about such proposed legislation thats very creepy.


    • Cadwallader

      There are definitely difficulties here. How on earth do you test for such tendencies? Are the tests foolproof? (NB DNA evidence isn’t 100% correctly ascribed.) Who will coach the police re these tests? Will they be equally applied to both genders?

      • Cadwallader

        PS Will all registered teachers be tested on day one? They’ll strike rather than agree to this!

      • Techersrock

        And these are some of the questions the unions would like answered.

        Nothing like the lies Whale is pushing that they are totally against it.

      • JC

        “Are the tests foolproof?”

        Of course not. A brief check on Google talks about a penile cuff and a series of images put on a screen.. well, when I was 22 you could have put a stick insect on the screen and got a result. Also, many of the tests were developed using convicted sex offenders where you have to be cautious as to general applicability.

        There’s information out there that about 5% of the male population has pedo tendencies.. or at least is aroused by young kids.. yet pedo crime is vastly lower than this.. so men control their tendencies nearly all the time. Women are up there too but we tend to ignore this.

        There are expert clinicians who are apparently pretty good at diagnosing pedo tendencies but can hardly be so good as to catagorically state whether someone is a pedo.

        On top of this are the sheer logistics of the police conducting an initial 300-400,000 “tests” of all staff immediately plus a three year testing programme plus test all new applicants.. they cant so they will bring in “experts” to help and like the Peter Ellis case these experts will be the fruitcakes.. remember the “Wink” test?.. one woman expert stuck her finger up kids bums, if their little arses clamped or shut with a satisfying clang they were virgins, if they didn’t seem to mind they had been fiddled with.

        We need to keep in mind the words “moral panic” like the Ellis case and the inevitable “witch burning” that inevitably follows as our authorities glom on to the easy answers that satisfy the sexually depraved people we call bluenoses.

        We desperately need to vastly reduce child abuse and that means we talk about it and produce good statistics and sheet the blame home where it belongs.. and it means acknowledging that abuse is where there is too much alcohol, too little self control, where bullying is a sport, low intelligence etc.


        • Cadwallader

          If the tests are steered by suggestion then they are in all likelihood pointless.

          • JC

            What they can never be is 100% accurate and we are going to instantly sack (say) 5% of people who meet some dodgy criteria? That’ll read well in the papers “Govt sacks 18,000 for having possible pedo tendencies”


  • Techersrock

    That is an amazingly dishonest and disgusting lie WO.

    The teacher unions do not oppose this at all. They are concerned as to how people will be screened and that innocent people are not accused by mistake.

    As anti union and anti teacher as you are Whale this is a new disgusting low for you.

    • CheesyEarWax

      If WO is anti union and teachers, then teachers unions are anti government, especially any National government. Wake up and smell the roses. Teachers union are stupid in coming out opposing to this legislation, without coming up with a solution of your own.

      • Techersrock

        Pushing the lie I see.


        had no problem with efforts to weed out potential predators and protecting children was “paramount”

        The teachers unions have not come out against this, so tis you who would seem to be stupid for swallowing this nasty lie.

        • CheesyEarWax

          Theres no reason for me to push the lie you fucking idiot. I see for what it is. If anyone is lying its more likely an organisation that are only interested in looking after themselves, and that’s not pushing the lie you moron.

          • Teachersrock

            Cursing and swearing won’t absolve you.

          • Mr Sackunkrak

            You have an issue with language, we have an issue with dirty teachers forcing their cocks into little boys arses, and making them suck their cocks. I think we win the moral debate. So you just keep on paying your union to “protect and work for” peaddophiles.

          • Teachersrock

            I have an issue with people such as yourself and your fake outrage.

          • Mr Sackunkrak

            Arsehole, that’s exactly what happened to me in 1989 in a state school staffed by cunts like you, I had to go to a doctor on the excuse I was shitting blood for whatever reason, but not related to any “exertion” at school. Fuck you.

          • Teachersrock

            Now I am not saying you are lying…………………………………..

          • Teachersrock

            It upsets all teachers who care about kids. WHICH IS ALMOST EVERY SINGLE TEACHER. And you basically accused me of being a pedo because I was concerned about HOW they would scan for threats and that we needed MORE details.

            So you will have to forgive me if I have a bit of contempt for your outrage.

          • Mr Sackunkrak

            It’s about the union and those it seeks to “protect and work for”‘ your words mot mine.

          • Jester

            “Almost every single teacher” except the one in the news yesterday, and the one the day before that, . and the one the day before that, and the day before that, and the day before that, and the day before that, and the day before that, and the day before that, and the day before that, and the day before that, and the day before that, and the day before that,

            well as long as kiddy fiddling amongst registered teachers is an isolated incident.

        • Mr Sackunkrak

          But you’re all for teacher unions protecting and working for kiddie fiddling teachers. Do you still financially support the supporters of kiddie fiddlers?

          • Teachersrock

            Wow, you are a quite a sicko.

          • Mr Sackunkrak

            No, just asking. You’re a teacher apparently, on recent news that gives us cause. I see you didn’t answer a question that any safe teacher would have. Just tell us you ain’t like the ones you want your union to “protect and work for”. That’s all.

          • Teachersrock

            No you are shit stirring. And the sort of person who would get their jollies from using the changes suggested to get someone you do not like.

            Oh and for the record, I am for the changes IF there are safe guards in place to prevent abuse of the system and false accusations.

          • Mr Sackunkrak

            And you didn’t answer, are you safe round my kids?

          • Teachersrock

            Well given I am for the changes then odds are yes I am.

            But then with a sicko parent such as yourself my question would be would I be safe having you around?

    • Time For Accountability

      As mentioned elsewhere “Accessory after the Fact”.

      This applies to the teachers union representatives, PPTA etc that stood behind Parker for so long.

      Coverups of kiddy fiddling that lead to further offending need exposed and WO is to be commended for exposing the teacher authority rot. It is a small % but with devastating affect.

      Answer this one question why did the industry stand behind Parker?

      It is a bit rich to say “They are concerned as to how people will be screened etc”

      They have had years to bring in proper screening procedures and failed with and “F” grading.

      Look in the mirror.

      No one is casting aspersions about the good teachers.

      • Teachersrock

        And all that negates a genuine concern as to how this would work how?

        • Time For Accountability

          Because the profession does nothing to stop the kiddy fiddlers, Paula has to step in and put in place the steps to industry should have years ago.

          The first thing is to stop them destroying any more children’s lives by parking them then they can face their fair trial.

          That happens in employee theft all the time.
          What is so hard to understand.

          God help us you are supposed to be a teacher with the children’s best interests at the forefront.

          You however seem worried about process.
          Your world is to discuss delay delay delay during which Parker destroyed as many lives as an overcrowded classroom.

          You appear to lack a complete understanding of right and wrong thus aiding and abetting.

          May I suggest that if you spend just 10 minutes every night for a week mentally picturing the abuse Parker did to these children, the actual physical acts, and the try and understand the emotional harm to the victim and their family.

          Then report back to this group with a description of the emotional harm and see if you struggle to understand if early intervention is required.

          • Teachersrock

            You seem to have no care for innocents who might be caught up in the moral out rage because no real safe guards are put in place. Yes by protect kids, hell yes. But you can do so without burning every adult on the way through.

            I suggest you read JC’s post above.

  • AnnaKirtlan

    A plea to get your facts straight. PPTA represents secondary teachers – James Parker was a primary school teacher. PPTA did not have any role in representing him and there was certainly no “Northland rep front and centre”. Please do not mislead your readers with blatant untruths.