Vested interests dressed up as an opinion piece

Policy Parrot says:

This Parrot read with laughter these comments from Stephen Selwood. Quite frankly they should be ignored at all cost because of who Stephen Selwood is.

Selwood is the lobby boy for Infrastructure NZ which is the lobby powerhouse of infrastructure constructors and consultants.

These guys basically make wads of cash from big infrastructure projects. Take a look at the list of members and you can see who Selwood represents:

The mandate is to push for big infrastructure projects to be built. They come up with all manner of complete bullshit about what the cost benefits are going to be for each project and they support every project proposed – which is because they want the money to flow and to receive the benefit.

As such Stephen Selwood is an advocate.

This parrot has no issue with big business making money. Good for them.

The issue is that people give Selwood a  soap box to speak when they should really ignore him.

Take todays NZ Herald article on the state of infrastructure in NZ. Do we really think there is anything logical or sensible to be said by Selwood about the state of our infrastructure in NZ?  

Selwood gives the country a B+ rating and then says much improvement can still be had.

Of course he would say that. He is biased, subjective and is issuing propaganda from the mandated agenda of his organisation – to encourage as much infrastructure projects to be built as possible to the benefit of his members.

It really is a sad day when the Herald lets such an advocate pen his opinion about the state of our infrastructure. Selwood is not going to score it too good because its not in his interest. He is also not going to bite the hand that feeds his puppet masters. What Selwood is going to do is sell sell sell that improvement is needed.

This Parrot says its a sad day for NZ when an industry lobby group is provided with a platform to speak on a topic it has an impartial view upon. It’s not hard to know what he will write – its bloody obvious.

Whilst the industry members have a right to lobby, put their point across and make money – the issue is when we get fed such complete bullshit dribble about the state of our infrastructure.

Selwood is not an expert in this and his position is hardly neutral so it can be said fairly that the article is not a fair assessment of our country’s infrastructure at all.

Rather what it is is a pile of beetle dung. A worthless assessment by a man who is paid to say we need to spend more money building more infrastructure.

This shameless self edifying piece of propaganda should never have made print, or at least never been copied and pasted in.

Shame on the Herald for letting such a piece be printed.


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  • johnbronkhorst

    Good piece. But we need the selwoods of this world to make sure we stay vigilant and see BS for what it is……..He is selling something, that’s all, doesn’t mean we have to buy! We have the ultimate power as customers…..SAY….NO!!! or better listen and say NO!!
    I remember an add on the TV for soap powder, where they towed a washing line behind a plane to clean the cloths, REALY…you believed that, literally,…NO of course you didn’t, they were exaggerating a point and trying to sell you something….just like Mr selwood!!!

  • conwaycaptain

    The best way to wash a dirty greasy boiler suit at sea was to tow it behind the ship at 15 kts!!!

    • johnbronkhorst

      For 3 days?
      Fishing for….?

    • blokeintakapuna

      it’s the best way to wash dirty, smelly fishing towels too…

    • unitedtribes

      Its also the best way to wash fishermen

  • blokeintakapuna

    He does have a point though…
    Auckland’s horizontal/wet infrastructure… (Stormwater / Potable water and sewer)
    Auckland’s roading network… (Getting some action now though)
    Auckland Harbour Bridge…’nough said…

    • philbest

      Yeah, we shouldn’t object to even someone with a vested interest statin’ something that is bleedin’ obvious.

      One of the perverse consequences of lack of committal to certain essential things in the economy, such as infrastructure and housing, is that a perfectly legitimate sector that employs people and honestly provides stuff we need, shrinks. The whole economy loses, and it takes time to crank the shrunk sector back up again and restore lost productivity.

      However, I will be the first calling “vested interest” for advocates of projects that do not make economic sense and/or are blatant pork barreling. Commuter rail projects always fall into this category unless paid for largely by rider fares and fees charged to the property owners who benefit.

  • Justsayn

    Who are you?

  • Jman

    How do we know you don’t have a vested interest against what Stephen Selwood is saying? At least Selwood isn’t writing anonymously.

  • Hazards001

    Sorry Parrot, can’t let that pass. You post on issues relating to infrastructure and development anonymously but then critique someone that submits an article as themselves.

    While his vested interests may be there he has made no secret of who he is.

    As my own interests are also aligned with infrastructure development and as my personal view is that we are sadly lacking given the amount of money we pay via direct taxation of fuel RUC’s and registration just to name a few of the ways we are forced to pay then.

    I find it odd that in one post you are clamouring for narrowed streets in the Auckland CBD and then are against more funding of for infrastructure to continue to fix our fucked up motorways.
    Personally I give the Auckland City amalgamation the biggest E- possible as opposed to his big tick and quite frankly disagree with a lot of his long winded dissertation but have not had the time to give it full consideration given that it’s 7pm and I’ve not been home long and have been doing other shit.