The video TV3 tried to ban

After the Campbell Live interview with John Key I made a highlights video of the spanking that John Campbell received.

No sooner than I had posted it had TV3 slapped me with a copyright violation…my video was 6:39 of an 18min interview. I have made 683 videos and am careful to follow the rules. I never cover up source video logos, and if from a major media provider I never run ads in pre-roll or over the top.

Nonetheless TV3 tried to use copyright provisions to ban my video. The irony of TV3, the biggest supporters (after the NZ Herald) of copyright thief Kim Dotcom, used copyright provisions to try and shut down a video that showed their hero in poor light.

I appealed the ban…and won.


In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we’ve completed processing your counter-notification regarding these video(s):


This content has been restored unless you have deleted the video(s). Your account will not be penalized.


The?YouTube?Copyright Team

TV3 should hold their heads in shame, they are shills for Kim Dotcom and tried ti use the very rules he opposes to try and shut me down.