The video TV3 tried to ban

After the Campbell Live interview with John Key I made a highlights video of the spanking that John Campbell received.

No sooner than I had posted it had TV3 slapped me with a copyright violation…my video was 6:39 of an 18min interview. I have made 683 videos and am careful to follow the rules. I never cover up source video logos, and if from a major media provider I never run ads in pre-roll or over the top.

Nonetheless TV3 tried to use copyright provisions to ban my video. The irony of TV3, the biggest supporters (after the NZ Herald) of copyright thief Kim Dotcom, used copyright provisions to try and shut down a video that showed their hero in poor light.

I appealed the ban…and won.


In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we’ve completed processing your counter-notification regarding these video(s):


This content has been restored unless you have deleted the video(s). Your account will not be penalized.


The YouTube Copyright Team

TV3 should hold their heads in shame, they are shills for Kim Dotcom and tried ti use the very rules he opposes to try and shut me down.


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  • Blue Tim

    Classic media hypocrites

  • opusx

    I don’t understand. Why would TV3 even be worried about the video you made? Aren’t you supposed to be irrelevant?

  • David

    Precious Bastards they are so concerned with their rights to copyright and privacy but they couldn’t give two shits about anyone else’s when it suits them for the “Story”! I love the moment when JC puts his head in his hands because he knows he is losing!

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Bro – Garden gnome is undergoing media training with the sole aim of ripping John Key apart…watch for details….

      • Nechtan

        Never mind the media training SCS, survival training in the booby trapped minefield that is Labour party might be more use.

  • kevin

    Brilliant, I enjoyed watching it again. Will campbell ask key for an interview again soon? Don’t think so…

    • Nechtan

      Not till he’s sewn back on his arse that John Key ripped off and handed back to him!

  • Jacob

    They deem fair use, not you.

    • Hazards001

      THEY fuckwit have had their fair use thrown in THEIR face. Can you read?

    • Arran Hunt

      Actually the court deems fair use, otherwise it gets a bit subjective. Here, in my opinion, they are interviewing the PM who is our representative (whether people like it or not) and, as part of that, we should get every right to show, copy, edit it.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Good on ya Whale Bro. You are a legend. Take that on the chin your TV3 maniacs.

  • Phar Lap

    Wonder will Sean Plunket or Duncan Garner have anything to say on the failed censorship,or will it be three in the same bed,once were journos,from a bankrupt company,which at one time bludged 43million dollars from the present government.

    • Rex Widerstrom

      I would certainly hope so, and that any other journalist would also.

      It seems almost daily in NZ someone is busily trying to silence someone else. Yesterday it was the tweeting twat and his transparent attempt to give Dotcom a reach around, and now this.

      If a statement breaches criminal or employment law, or is defamatory, then there are laws to deal with that. We don’t need reels of copyright red tape – only the RIAA, Hollywood, Silicon Valley and others who have no clue how to transition from their greedy monoply positions want such law.

      Perhaps it needs an amendment – anyone who tries to stifle someone else’s freedom of speech should, if they lose, have a “Now STFU Order” imposed on them for a period, the length to be determined by the egregiousness of their original complaint.

      • opusx

        I don’t understand why when the MSM get snapped this way, they don’t learn from it. I know ego can get in the way, but shit, part of being a professional is to always strive to be the best you can possibly be.In the case of MSM journalism as it stands in this country at the moment, the best advice I could offer is this:

        “Once you have driven a hundred miles an hour, or flown faster than the speed of sound to get your story, and you’re finally speaking to the person or people that can make your story…slow down and select NEUTRAL”.

  • sheppy

    Looks like you hit a nerve….

  • Whafe

    This Cam is actually TV3 giving you a medal for your efforts ….

    I think it is fantastic, you got so so under their skin…. Shine on you crazy diamond

    Suck eggs TV3

  • Greg Davis

    Key is good in this. Just wish he’d do something meaningful like Roger Douglas

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Greg – John Key is too conservative to do anything radical. He is a slow and steady guy.

  • steve and monique

    Good job TV3 wankers.

  • Mr_Blobby

    You were doing so well before you mentioned Dotcom.

  • Steve R

    Now that they have seen the way the system helps the fat german ( notice the way I purposely left out the capitals ) , maybe a light might turn on in the socialist campbells head .

  • Eh?

    They used the DMCA? An American law for a dispute between Kiwis? Really? Or is that just a form letter that YouTube send out?

    • Arran Hunt

      Youtube falls under USA law so TV3 would have used the DMCA. If TV3 had legal action against WOBH then it would be under NZ law, but its easier to get Google to move by using USA law.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Whale Oil Bros – When do you think the garden gnome will host a show with the three amigos giving them free publicity on air?

  • I don’t watch TV3

    sheer hypocrisy TV3!! hope JK will cut funding to this shitty channel and let them die . considering fatcom make millions from copyright of others , and TV3 (fatcom supporter) tries to shut WO down from showing this clip…what a looser TV3..I hope advertisers will leave you in droves.

    • Hazards001

      Still got nothing better to do then make knew nics? FFS don’t you have some fences to fix or a kkk rally to attend?

    • Arran Hunt

      The government doesn’t fund TV3.

  • George

    Well done. Time the pillocks admitted the Net is a place for subjects of interest to be discussed outside the restraints of the old media

  • MickeyT

    It’s a sad state of affairs when the open market media, whom the public SHOULD be able to trust to broadcast the truth with accurate facts and quality journalism, need watch-dog media bloggers to try and keep them honest and not report their lies and/or corrupt political agendas. I would really like to see a movement where quality investigative journo’s actually get funding by an online community to dig up the truth, cos as much as I find Campbell and some of his crew entertaining, all too often they underestimate the audience’ intelligence

  • Ken Mathis

    you lot do a great job of patting yourselves on the back about key’s spanking of campbell

    it is unfortunate that you never stopped to think maybe what key said was a problem for all of you as well as the ‘crims and bludgers’ you all seem to hate

    pretend for a second that this isn’t a rugby match where all that matters is your team putting on a good show for the camera, and you’ll have the idea of how this works in a real country