What is it with teachers and secrecy? They’re worse than the Catholic Church

A parliamentary select committee has recommended that the legal loophole the Teachers Council used to grant themselves special powers to keep dodgy teacher’s details secret.

As usual the unions are squealing at the this and now they are saying they will make special arrangements to keep dodgy teacher’s details secret.

Misbehaving teachers facing disciplinary action may soon lose their automatic name suppression – but the national kindergarten federation is warning that those in trouble could still use other ways to retain anonymity.

Existing rules grant automatic name suppression and a closed hearing to teachers facing a disciplinary tribunal. 

But on Monday, following complaints from the Herald on Sunday and Wellington lawyer Graeme Edgeler, Parliament’s Regulations Review Select Committee recommended legislation to open Teachers’ Council Disciplinary Tribunal hearings to the public.

The committee also recommended the Teachers’ Council change its own rules to make hearings public.

Even if the changes happen, errant teachers could still hide their identities through secret settlements, according to New Zealand Kindergartens Incorporated’s submission to the Teachers’ Council ministerial review.

The umbrella organisation wrote: “There are situations where a teacher and an employer enter into a formal proceeding with a third party, such as lawyers or NZEI Te Rui Roa, around teacher conduct or competence.

“There may be a negotiated outcome where the teacher resigns and a report is not made to the [Teachers’] Council.

“In this case the employer’s hands are essentially tied as none of the criteria for mandatory reporting have been met and concerns over the individual’s ability to teach are therefore not communicated to the council.”

Why do the teacher’s unions want to protect dodgy teachers?



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  • JC

    Why do the teacher’s unions want to protect dodgy teachers?

    Well, I wouldn’t know, but I’m happy to speculate!

    a) There’s a lot more names on the dodgy list than we think
    b) “Pass the parcel” is rife, ie, teachers shuttled off to another school.
    c) Teacher names have changed but not recorded as changed.

    ..and so on.


  • David

    Why do teachers even have a “Name Suppression” system. They are not the law or justice system. They have no way in enforce this.