When List MP’s go feral

During my nightly nosey about social media  political idiot traps I noticed someone getting stuck into Asenati Lole-Taylor, so naturally I poked my nose in to see what was happening. What was happening was the same thing that always happens. Asenasty dodging, ducking and diving perfectly reasonable questions, and not having full knowledge of what she was talking about whilst repeating for her leader Winston “no” Peters.




The sad part is she can’t engage public without flipping her crazy switch unless they’re agreeing with her, she even pulled out the race card, the colour of her hair (WTF??) and some nonsense about speaking “his language”. Clearly she is not fit to be a politician, or even roaming the general population. Anyone that isn’t singing off the same song sheet is blocked from engaging:




Someone has been a bit precious way down there on 2.8%.  Of course blocking me of facebook and twitter only gives her false sense that she’s “won”, as was evident that I went straight back to retrieve the comments she thought I probably wouldn’t be able to see.

I was labelled a paedophile earlier in the week, but for a politician to accuse me of “feeding the Kiwi blog”, well that’s just below the belt.


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  • conwaycaptain

    Once more $140K+ spent on employing the dross and the dregs of party lobby fodder

  • kehua

    You should hear the crap she dribbles out on Radio dying.

  • Arnie

    Come on Asenati if you have the “information” and the “facts” as you say publish them to prove your point and you will get some respect.

    • Justsayn

      The entire party (Winnie “no” Peters included) are list MPs!

      She is clearly right. That is all that matters. The facts are quite simple… If Winnies say “X”, then 5.1% of the stupid may vote for us. “X” must be said. If doesn’t matter a jot whether “X” is true or not, as the need to say it is a fact. That is the only relevant fact. It is therefore factual. End of explanation.

      • Travis Poulson

        Cut that out, 2.8%

        • Justsayn

          Only one poll matters, sadly, and hate him as we should Wanton understands that. Between elections? Who cares. It is all about gently fingering the buttons so he knows which ones to push when it matters.

          Come election time he only needs one issue that pitches at enough of the stupid and bingo, potential Minister of Trough Snorting.

        • AnonWgtn

          If only !
          The media will talk Winny up all through the election campaign.

          • mike

            When that senility really kicks in he’ll be an absolute hoot during question time… you think his questions now are difficult to comprehend???? Just wait folks…

  • Agent BallSack

    Don’t worry Trav when someone blocks you on facebook, you have actually won and the person who blocks you shows themselves to be ignorant and incapable of debate. As is shown in the above exchange.

    • Travis Poulson

      It doesn’t concern me that I’m blocked (so she thinks anyway), it concerns me that people like her are funded by us yet shut down reasonable debate when the questions get too tough.

      • Agent BallSack

        I notice you have a female ‘test’ account. Hope Facebook white hatting pays well ;)

        • Travis Poulson

          Female?? Shit, clearly something went wrong there. Maybe Asenati is right, I need to see a doctor.

      • Monty

        I did not think the question that was asked of Asenati was tough at all. She said they had the facts on why trade agreements were asked for. But when questioned she started personal attacks. What a stupid bitch Asenati is. I agree with travis that it is a disgrace that our employees are not answerable. Or don’t think they are.

      • Col

        Never a true word said, Travis.

  • GregM

    That’s hilarious ! Good shit Travis.

  • Insanati the Clueless

    A L_T :-“facts! yes, Winnie the pooh has the facts, I haven’t got a bloody clue what it was? Last time I saw the facts were in a big empty wine box which Winnie claims were the “FACTS” …In fact I haven’t got a bloody clue as to why I am an MP either??/ That’s why i am blocking you from my FB…

  • conwaycaptain

    All these list MPs are chosen on the Peter Principle. That is People rise to the level of their own incompetence and surround themselves with people of lesser capabilities to make themselves look good.
    This is true of NZ First, the Greens and Labour. If Winnie goes there is no one to replace him, If Wussel and Metiria go who have they got??? and as for Labour they are dying in a ditch because Helen did not have a succession set up.

    • sweetd

      Winston looks very tired these days, his suits need a good dry clean, they are looking very creased. He is coming over more as a bum drinking out of the brown paper bag who gives you his opinion whether you asked for it or not rather than an MP and a leader of a party.

      • mike

        And what’s new about that? Well apart from how crisply pressed his suits used to be…

  • andrew carrot

    “I believe that it was Albert Einstein who said that knowledge is realising that the street is one-way, while wisdom—are you listening, Mike Sabin—is looking in both directions anyway”, a quote from a speech Ms Lole-Taylor made in the House recently.
    Is her little tanty proof that she lacks wisdom? If it’s true then not a good look in someone who has many factless opinions to share.
    More to come.

    • Agent BallSack

      I know someone who got damn near killed by a driver driving down a one way street the wrong way. I have one right opposite where i work and sadly it’s not uncommon to see someone wilfully ignoring it every day, so they do not have to drive an extra 500 metres and enter it from the other end. I always look both ways even if it makes me look (and feel) retarded.

  • 4077th

    It is yet another example of why politicians should be banned from using social media. I bet she is finding it difficult breathing with her feet firmly in her gob.

    • Travis Poulson

      Banning them from social media doesn’t fix the problem that we have incompetent people with their noses in the trough.

      There is an upside to social media in politics, it provides transparency, just not in the way that they hoped. Lets the voters see their true colours.

      • 4077th

        Agreed. NZ will always have incompetent people in politics because they are in turn voted in by incompetent voters. In this case she is a scum list MP but it didn’t stop someone from voting her onto the list…It’s great they do use social media as you say and they frequently find themselves apologizing. I say let it continue it’s a great sideshow. If I were her boss I would keep her on a tight leash.

  • CheesyEarWax

    Winnie has the “facts” alright and he stores them up his ass, thats why ASSenati doesn’t have it.

  • andrew carrot

    Ms Lole-Taylor speaks:

    Community Sentences and Orders Bill second reading March 2013

    “New Zealand First also maintains a strong stand that for a nation of our size we have far too many people in prison. So let us not go into the details about the cost involved while the Minister of Corrections is ignorantly building new prisons around the country that we do not need.”

    Estimates Debate — In Committee July 2013

    “Let us reflect on the recent case of a man who was sentenced to 9 months’ home detention and made to serve 300 community hours for importing class B drugs through our ports. How is this sending out a message that we are going to get tough on criminal behaviour? How are we going to deter criminal behaviour if we are sentencing men like Manuel Sadler to 9 months’ home detention instead of imposing the maximum penalty of 14 years’ imprisonment? Let me also mention that this man is a repeat offender. More needs to be done to ensure that criminals like this are caught and serve jail time.”
    Maybe some good points in both, but why the contradiction? Please explain.

    • 4077th

      Palm, meet face…What a dopey twat she is.

  • Patrick

    Typical, when a little scrutiny is applied out comes the race card.
    Just like Oprah playing the race card to sell her latest movie.

  • cows4me

    Asenati reminds me of the Aussie liberal politician ( Jaymes Diaz ) who had a six point plan for stopping the boat people. When pressed he couldn’t repeat one point in the plan. Asenati appears to dance on the head of a pin while saying the great Winnie has all the facts, it would have been better to shut up then to remove all doubt that you don’t have a fucking clue.

  • conwaycaptain

    The best argument against democracy is a 5 min chat with the average voter.
    Winston Spencer Churchill

    • Travis Poulson

      The best argument against MMP is a 5 min chat with a NZ First MP – Travis Poulson

    • 4077th

      Mr Peters are you drunk sir? Yes Ms Lole-Taylor I am but you are a stupid cloth eared bint and I will be sober in the morning.

  • James M

    Ass in a Tie strikes again. Good show Travis

    • Travis Poulson

      Well done.

  • Col

    Didn’t take long for the RACE CARD to come out. Silly Bitch, we should all get on her face book and fuck her up some more.

  • Plue

    An MP effectively refusing to explain their party’s position (which was the original and politely put question) should be grounds for firing them don’t you think. If I refused to do my job that is what would happen.

  • AnonWgtn

    Leave her alone she has a feminine hard for Winny, sober, or as usual.

    • 4077th

      A “wide on”

  • Mr_Blobby

    Don’t waste time on her, just another racist piece of shit with a bad case of entileitis.

    • Travis Poulson

      True, but you have to admit the race card was amusing. Especially when it is me doing the posts on her not Cam.

      Not wasting time on her is one point, but so is exposing her.

      The race card is redundant, my wife is part samoan.

  • philbest

    Not wise to slag off the nation’s biggest blogs in that way, Asenati, don’t they teach you anything about new media in the Winston First Party?

    I forget who, way back when MMP started, said that he dreaded to see the kind of people Winston would drag into Parliament on his coat-tails. Was he ever right…… and it has been a different lot every time……

    Winston must surely be some kind of international record-holder for lack of staying power among his own candidates list. Why haven’t ANY of the several previous lots hung in there for the next resurrection? He’s even had two of his own brothers on the list, both of whom were only “once-er’s”.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Angry teenager with a huge chip on the shoulder, grow up you pathetic greedy woman

  • Kokila Patel

    Best to take it as a compliment Travis