When List MP’s go feral

During my nightly nosey about social media  political idiot traps I noticed someone getting stuck into Asenati Lole-Taylor, so naturally I poked my nose in to see what was happening. What was happening was the same thing that always happens. Asenasty dodging, ducking and diving perfectly reasonable questions, and not having full knowledge of what she was talking about whilst repeating for her leader Winston “no” Peters.




The sad part is she can’t engage public without flipping her crazy switch unless they’re agreeing with her, she even pulled out the race card, the colour of her hair (WTF??) and some nonsense about speaking “his language”. Clearly she is not fit to be a politician, or even roaming the general population. Anyone that isn’t singing off the same song sheet is blocked from engaging:




Someone has been a bit precious way down there on 2.8%.  Of course blocking me of facebook and twitter only gives her false sense that she’s “won”, as was evident that I went straight back to retrieve the comments she thought I probably wouldn’t be able to see.

I was labelled a paedophile earlier in the week, but for a politician to accuse me of “feeding the Kiwi blog”, well that’s just below the belt.

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