When will Nathan Guy go?

Fonterra is making moves to mitigate the PR disaster that still swirls around them. They have sent two senior managers on leave.

One wonders how long before Nathan Guy gets the arse card?

It was telling that all the ‘splaining was left to Tim Groser and Nikki Kaye. If Nikki Kaye is preferred to speak on the issue instead of Nathan Guy then you know he is in trouble.

Fonterra has put two senior managers on leave as its probe into operational matters that led to a botulism bacteria scare deepens.

The move follows the resignation on Wednesday with immediate effect of Gary Romano, managing director of the dairy company’s New Zealand manufacturing operations. 

Romano was Fonterra’s face during the food-safety scare nearly two weeks ago.

No details about the two managers are available.

The operational review is one of four investigations under way into the scare, which sparked recalls of baby formula and panic among New Zealand and Asian consumers.

A ministerial-led inquiry has been launched, along with an investigation by the Ministry for Primary Industries and the Fonterra board of directors is conducting its own inquiry.

The scare, involving a potentially contaminated whey protein ingredient sold by Fonterra for use in baby formula, sports drinks, and animal foods, has claimed no victims.

All products at risk of being contaminated by a bacteria that can cause botulism have been contained.


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  • maninblack

    he has got to go.. he has made a complete shambles of this issue, combined with his snapper quota clusterfuck.

  • Ross

    After the snapper quota is cut.

  • Roger

    Was he the plumber who hooked up the dirty pipe?

    • Random66

      I agree. Nathan is busy doing his job, he’s not omnipotent and doing the jobs of all Fonterra staff who contributed to this issue (which is a private company). He wasn’t the one sitting on his hands taking no action. Quite simply unless Fonterra tells him they have a problem he doesn’t, (nor should he), know what’s going on over there. How involved or responsible should the government be in the running of any private business unless they become part owner?

      • Roger

        The alternative is Wussel’s where the omnipotent state runs everything.

      • cows4me

        Well said Random.

    • kehua

      Nope , he is the plumber that wants a 3 fish Snapper Quota for recreational fishers.

  • double d

    not sure why Fonterra issue is Guys fault. You can think he in ineffective and limp, but hardly think he should resign as a result of this. WO, your dislike of this minister over his handling of the Snapper issue is fine, but they have dropped the 3/per person proposal.

  • Whafe

    It is not Nathan Guy’s job to sort the media whom have blown this Fonterra issue greatly out of proportion….

    Fonterra messed up, they know that. Again the fucked up media make out they would like to see Fonterra got tits up.. It’s the back bone of the NZ economy.