Where are National’s Women Candidates?


National are going to get mocked for having so few women running for office. Every conference Peter Goodfellow stands up and rabbits on about more women in caucus but it never happens.

In 2011 National expanded its caucus but ended up with fewer women than before the election.

The media will hammer National for doing nothing to increase the number of women in caucus, and Peter Goodfellow deserves the blame. He has been next to useless in recruiting good women candidates, and helping them prepare for selection.  

If only Peter Goodfellow was prepared to kick in some doors in places in New Zealand other than the leafy suburbs then the party might be able to recruit some better women.

National doesn’t need a man ban, it just needs someone better than Goodfellow out recruiting good women and supporting them through selection. And a culture that demands results not excuses, as National is always full of excuses.

But hey, look, the party has spent $2 million on an old brick house in Wellington. Unfortunately the bloke-fest will likely continue and National will promte useless men above capable women.


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  • spollyike

    Surely you are taking the piss here?

    The reason National is so successful is probably the lack of women and their emotional baggage which tends to drag every reasoned discussion to the far left of the political spectrum. NZ is sick of womens issues, gender studies, womens affairs etc etc.

    Just like special funding for those with a drop of maori blood, special funding for women only is PC bollocks.

    Someone needs to start standing up for Men’s rights in this PC gone mad country if you ask me…

  • Shoreboy57

    Don’t think Peter has been anywhere but leafy suburbs

  • I’ll do it my way

    Where are National’s Women Candidates?
    Shopping, cooking, washing, cleaning, child minding
    and if there is time left doing charity work or climbing up the corporate ladder,
    really much too busy to be in the political arena
    But mostly not wanting to be attacked by all and sundry
    for being a woman with a
    considered opinion.

  • cows4me

    I would rather have Nationals personal any day. What’s happened to the best person for the job. You haven’t caught loon disease by any change? . National have some good ladies, look after them and others might be tempted to give it a go.

    • Mr_V4

      Infatuation with Leanne syndrome perhaps?

  • Mother of ten

    Cam’s not suggesting preferential treatment for women, ( and neither am I btw) just a little encouragement. Sheesh you guys, calm down……

  • Phil

    Maybe they need a quota ;-)

  • tspoon

    I would hazard a guess that it’s probably on their (nationals) mind. However, and to put not too fine a point on it, some of the women they have elevated in the last 5 years have been complete tits (not the good kind). I think your average crusher Collins is (i.e. competent and tough enough) is not to be found on every street corner, unfortunately that’s how it goes.
    None of that is to say some of the boys haven’t been disasters, because some certainly have. But for some reason quality female leaders are in short supply. At some point conspiracy theories lose their power to adequately prevent the rude intrusion of reality.