Why is National’s conference so boring?

Sleeping Tories-1371171

National’s very boring conference is on in Nelson this weekend. As usual there will be nothing interesting, just hectoring from ministers with some canned questions available.

The ninth floor have spiked anything controversial, so the Young Nats remit about repealing section 97 has been shunted from the main floor into a breakout session. Union bashing used to be front and centre on the main floor of conference in the good old days. Now the nervous nellies in the Beehive want to appear to be cuddling up to unions. The board has meddled with the wishes of the party. The original remit list ranking from the policy committee had this remit as 1st priority and then the amended board amended the list and it has magically slipped from 1st priority to 5th. This year the party hierarchy is going try to silence the Young Nats, then next year they will be expecting thousands of volunteer hours from them.  

Lack of interaction means conference is so boring that most delegates will spend the main sessions looking at their cellphones reading the news and finding out what is actually going on. I imagine I will see a massive spike in traffic from Nelson over the weekend.

Conferences used to be fun, interesting and interactive. Now delegates are herded like sheep and told to listen, not speak. It is no longer an opportunity to exchange ideas with MPs, it is an opportunity for delegates to be spoken down to by MPs who no longer think they need to listen. By having teh conference in Nelson they have ensured that the last remaining conference entertainment…baiting protestors…has been taken away.

Maybe they could ask some impertinent questions…like why did the party spend $2 million on an old brick building in the heart of an earthquake prone city? or perhaps, Will the National party support White Ribbon Day this year?


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  • Blue Tim

    I haven’t been for years. Just like any Party conference anywhere they’ve become stage managed events to listen to ministers. No real grass roots policy is debated. This weekend is designed to show case Nick and the Talleys new conference venue in Nelson.

  • PlanetOrphan

    “or perhaps, Will the National party support White Ribbon Day this year?”

    Bloody well said Cameron.

  • Blue Tim
  • DLNZ

    At least they will all be wearing deodorant.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Why is National’s conference so boring?
    The greatest driver of excitement, is stress.
    When you have a growing economy, a generally reducing unemployment, pretty much all govt. departments being well run and improving. It would seems the National govt.’s plans are ‘generally’ working. Therefore, there is no stress, bar that which we may create ourselves.
    So things at conferences, that have no particular crisis to manage or deal with (politically), will be boring!!
    LONG may it continue!!!

    • johnbronkhorst

      Bet labour’s conference is pretty firery!
      If you want entertainment go there! No truths or ideas of value, just entertainment!!

      • Arran Hunt

        Green conferences start with a candle and a prayer to the spirits, including that of Rob Donald. I kid you not, they had a video of it a year or so ago, I couldn’t believe it.

  • Greg Davis

    All for the worthless result of TweedleDum Labour or TweedleDee National..mixed in with other reptiles.

  • Shoreboy57

    needs a good manban debate to waken them up

    • BobaJob

      no man to ban

  • BobaJob

    Great photo of the smartest guy in the room!

  • Mr_Blobby

    You would struggle to call any political party conference a conference.

    Decent is discouraged, nothing is discussed, nothing constructive comes of it.

    Just a lot of shallow show boating, party sycophants towing today’s party line and happy to, even if the story flip flops.

    Oops I have just described the average political Blog.

  • cows4me

    They should put a couple of kegs on. I guess boring is good in some ways, no controversy in the party but where’s the excitement. No wonder the young see politics as boring. Look at the problems the idiot socialists have, can’t attract anyone not bordering on senility.

  • Arran Hunt

    One of joys of the last conference at Sky City was Sue Bradford sticking her finger in my face calling me scum. She doesn’t know me, but the simple fact that she could be so abusive because I was going to a National Conference (and refusing to leave out the back entrance) bought a smile to my face.

    I won’t be going to this years conference though, and I think you hit on a few of the reasons why. If I wanted to sit around listening to politicians I could just watch government TV. I want a voice at these things.

    • Col

      I would have vomited all over her, “oh sorry you made sick”, she must be getting it from the bros up north, too stick with that Mana party, disgusting trash, that’s what she is.

  • Michael

    The board are the biggest waste of space. Tuey just dream up good ideas they read in Time about Obama and tell the electorates to implement it. The party is just for yes-men and those who haven’t gotten pissed off enough to leave.

  • clarebear

    I support National at the moment – but to a certain extent it is anybody but the LabGrens who are jumping all over the place with policy trying to get a hit with the public – Trouble is though the public will react to single policy and like/support or conversely hate the odd one, when they come to vote they tend to look at a collective range of issues that are important to them, and will ignore a single policy in favour of an overall group of policy stances. Kind of like the “First do no Harm” point of view.

    National may have a reasonable chance at the next election but they can’t count on the others being bad forever. They make mistakes, and they are simply not innovative enough in this fast changing world, 3 to 4 years is a long time technology wise, decisions made or not made today can have either a large potential or a missed the boat status within just 2 or 3 years. National seem to be good at having opened some doors, but have not been so good at facilitating the enthusiasm to put some new things through them.

    I still cannot think why they did not support another international cable (as a partnership – adding another asset into the mix) They are building a fast fibre motorway with one slow junction to get on and off???

    If they don’t listen they are dead (sooner or later). The conferences need to have a raft of new things come out on a list – to be prioritised for sure – but the list needs to be enthusiastically long