Will Frank Rowson apologise for his Notulism comments, will the media ask him?

So will Matamata vet Frank Rowson retract his theory that glyphosate caused the Notulism scare? Heard him interviewed by NewstalkZB’s Mike Hosking I think on August 14th . Listening back is interesting. Frank Rowson: Botulism bug could be traced back to farm.

A veterinarian and farm consultant doubts the recent Fonterra botulism scare was caused by a dirty pipe, and says he is sitting on material that will embarrass the dairy giant further.

Matamata veterinarian and farm performance consultant Frank Rowson says Fonterra should be tracing the source of the Clostridium botulinum bacterium back to farms or their own water supply.

He doubts Clostridium botulinum was caused by an old pipe at Fonterra’s Hautapu plant and said it had to get in there in the first place.

Rowson planned to discuss the threat of glyphosate contamination links in the food chain at a meeting in a few weeks time, which included Fonterra’s Risk Manager Lindsay Burton and the president of GE Free NZ, Claire Bleakly. 

He belongs to the green taliban anti-glyphosate anti Monsanto anti-genetic engineering nutter groups. It is clear he is an activist determined to hurt our dairy industry. He claims he had further information about botulism, but since it was actually Notulism just exactly what is it he has got?

I see that other vets have distanced themselves from Frank Rowson’s claims.

Frank Rowson is part of an organisation called Physicians and Scientists for Global Responsibility.

Who are they?

Here is a scientific based opinion in response to what Frank Rowson said : Could the Fonterra botulism scare be down to herbicide use and GM crops?  by Siouxsie Wiles from August 15 

And there is also an article from Ele Ludemann at Home Paddock about Frank Rowson’s claims. 

Will the media go and follow up with this nutter? Will they publish a retraction of his fanciful claims?

Probably not, because his scare-mongering lies suited their scare-mongering news coverage.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    This scare was akin to a coordinated media-led attempt to sabotage the reputation of NZInc and her products… a sabotage attempt unseen since L&G’s “Power at all costs” attempted sabotage and derailment of the MRP IPO.
    Is it time to put Sedition statutes back on the books? If only to give those shrilling falsehoods pause for thought about the wider implications of their scaremongering!

    • blueballs

      Exactly, here you had a fuckwit like Patrick Gower drooling at the prospect NZ was going to take a hit over this issue internationally, loving every minute of it.
      As Graham Henry would ask ” are you a kiwi son”

  • Confused

    Does this mean the milk powder tested positive
    for botulinum??

    AgResearch has issued a media
    release saying:

    spokesperson for AgResearch said: “We have today received correspondence from
    Fonterra in relation to testing carried out by AgResearch for

    the terms of our contract with Fonterra, we are bound by a confidentiality
    agreement and cannot discuss specific details.

    “However, we have reviewed our work
    and we are confident in the work that our experts carried out
    and reported to Fonterra.

  • JeffDaRef

    Siouxsie – there’s a top contender for SFNS!

  • Kopua Cowboy

    Scare-mongering indeed. Talk to the right people, and roundup is responsible for AIDS, global warming and Peter Dunne’s hair

    • LesleyNZ

      Peter Dunne’s hair? Now the sales of Roundup will go up dramatically – so this is what the hair loss mircale formula really is.

  • David Broome

    There are only I believe around three places in the West than can definitively test for botulism. The MPI used the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia. PS Here is Rural News with the NZVA wading in….

  • David Broome
  • Saccharomyces

    Ugh, the anti-glyphosate bunch are as retarded as the anti-fluoride crowd. I love the stuff, use it all over my garrden.

    • LesleyNZ

      Yep – me too – needing a dose of it now with spring here.

  • WayneO

    He throws out mad accusations without a scrap of evidence. And he knows he’s lying. Utter, utter cunt. The only people worse than this pond scum idiot are the idiots that believe him.

    • Dumrse

      Hang on there WayneO, what about Len Brown ?

  • Bruno 32

    Unfortunately the money that’s part of dairy farming attracts quacks ,charlatans and con men. The animal health and fertilizer quacks run rampant and take advantage of a gullible and,poorly educated sector of the farming community.This vet takes it too another level and it is obvious to anyone with half a brain he is totally bonkers.