Will Labour take notice of this?

It’s probably a bit late for David Cunliffe…he has already effectively committed to not?fighting to get votes off the Greens with his comments about having?them as part of the economic team.

Shane Jones already hates the Greens, but if he wins it will be interesting to see how he deals with the electoral poison that they are. Polls in Tasmania are showing that ?the ALP will be wiped out…and commentators are blaming the Greens.

Tasmanian federal Labor MPs told The Australian they in large part blamed the party?s relationship with the Greens at the state and federal levels for the potential slide back into oblivion.

Dick Adams, a stalwart of the party who the latest polling suggests will fail to defend a margin of 12.3 per cent in rural Lyons, said the party should review its power-sharing deal with the Greens in the state??

?The Liberals … are using it in their ads – ?Green means Labor? – and that sort of caper,? Mr Adams said. ?The Greens have created an image in Tasmania that they oppose everything. And that?s the general feeling that 80 per cent of Tasmanians would have about the Greens.

?The majority of Tasmanians think that the Greens are a negative force to jobs, growth and economic activity.”?

The Labor MP for the marginal seat of Braddon, Sid Sidebottom, who faces a strong challenge from Liberal Brett Whiteley, agreed that Labor was being damaged by its association with the Greens. ?There are people who view the Greens as anti-development,? he said.