Will Labour take notice of this?

It’s probably a bit late for David Cunliffe…he has already effectively committed to not fighting to get votes off the Greens with his comments about having them as part of the economic team.

Shane Jones already hates the Greens, but if he wins it will be interesting to see how he deals with the electoral poison that they are. Polls in Tasmania are showing that  the ALP will be wiped out…and commentators are blaming the Greens.

Tasmanian federal Labor MPs told The Australian they in large part blamed the party’s relationship with the Greens at the state and federal levels for the potential slide back into oblivion.

Dick Adams, a stalwart of the party who the latest polling suggests will fail to defend a margin of 12.3 per cent in rural Lyons, said the party should review its power-sharing deal with the Greens in the state… 

“The Liberals … are using it in their ads – ‘Green means Labor’ – and that sort of caper,” Mr Adams said. “The Greens have created an image in Tasmania that they oppose everything. And that’s the general feeling that 80 per cent of Tasmanians would have about the Greens.

“The majority of Tasmanians think that the Greens are a negative force to jobs, growth and economic activity.”…

The Labor MP for the marginal seat of Braddon, Sid Sidebottom, who faces a strong challenge from Liberal Brett Whiteley, agreed that Labor was being damaged by its association with the Greens. “There are people who view the Greens as anti-development,” he said.


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  • FredFrog

    “The majority of Tasmanians think that the Greens are a negative force to jobs, growth and economic activity.”…

    That’ll be because the gween cunts *ARE* a negative force to jobs, growth and economic activity.

  • blokeintakapuna

    When bereft of credible, progressive policies for the country, the only way to get media sound bites is to oppose everything…

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Bloke – Meg thinks taxing rich pricks and giving to dole bludgers is a progressive policy from Labour….She is very knowledgeable….

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    While I am bitterly opposed to a Labour-Toxic Green coalition and the resulting high tax and spend regime, may be we should hold our noses and let these jokers rule and ruin NZ for three years. Then they will be wiped off the political map once for all…but the danger is John Key will pack off his bags and head to Hawaii and we need to put up with the second layer of National leaders….

    • cows4me

      Do you think they would last three years? I honestly believe the Browns lack the intellectual ability to run the country. Besides their rule would be so vile and disruptive that civil disorder would be on a scale never seen in this country before. It would be between the producers and the takers.

  • I have a friend who votes Green. In spite of this, he’s a very nice guy. So I had this chat with him the other day, and asked if he would still vote Green. And yes, he will. When I started asking him what he thought about all sorts of policies, he was right of middle National in his ideas. And yet he votes Green. Why? “Because I want there to be a balancing of National by having Green issues kept in mind”.

    I wonder how many people vote Green in a similar way? No way would they actually want the Greens to be in control. But they see it as a way to take the rough edges off the other parties “not being Green”.

    There seems to be enough truth to this, because when Green parties around the world get too much support, and therefore appear to have to much power – in excess of being a balancing force – they become toxic to their coalition partners.

    The same has happened in New Zealand. People will be less likely to vote Labour OR vote Green, if they can see it will result in a coalition government seriously influenced by not just Green ideas, but also labour market, financial, defence, policing and economic matters.

    Swing voters that would normally be attracted to Labour because they have fallen out of love with National now have the problem of having to accept the idea that the Greens will be a huge tail wagging a Labour dog.

    And under those circumstances, National will be seen as the lesser of two evils.

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      I feel ill just knowing there are people like your friend who would vote for a party who’s leader ascribes to the politics that saw my grandfather die in Asia so that we can be free. The Killing Fields is a documentary every air-headed Greenie should be forced to watch.

  • JC

    “I wonder how many people vote Green in a similar way? No way would they
    actually want the Greens to be in control. But they see it as a way to
    take the rough edges off the other parties “not being Green”.”

    I’ve had a similar experience with what I thought was a hard right man and I’ve struck it with many Maori who really have a problem with GE.

    It seems these people get captured with maybe just aspect of Green policy whether it be GE, deforestation, Green energy or whatever and don’t seem to see the social policies that are part of the deal.


  • Day Day

    It’s very simple. Vote Labour – get Greens.

  • Day Day

    Australian youth unemployment ballooned under the Greens. Young people leaving school need opportunities, these are critical years for them. Won’t get them under the Greens.

  • Whafe

    To answer Cams question in the threads title… No Labour will not listen, they are nothing without the Gweens, not a scerit, nada, nothing…..
    And any clown that thinks they have a chance without the Gweens are delusional.
    2 of the 3 trying to become leader will do anything to get in power, of which means, Labour = Gweens, Gweens = Labour…..
    Silent-T would sell the skin of his shit if it could help him get deeper into the trough

  • Bryan

    the greens are not actual greens they are the Liberal element of Labour that jumped ship after aunty Helen went which is why they want to work with Labour as they are still on talking terms
    look at how many of the Greens management were in Labour 4 years ago including Taliban and they have not ONE elected seat so they are not accountable to any locational group of voters only a shadowy group of party voters that hold to an ideology which is theoretical and emotionally appealing but the actual way it will work in the real world they cannot spell out to the average voter

    they are people that power play and hold other parties ransom and from my view they are responsible for those pike river deaths and demanding that tunnel was build down hill which the gas could never escape out from, despite what the coal miners of the coast had told them that is was a Gas laden coal than needed to be open cast mined
    they are dangerous and both Labour and National should cut them off