Wind power is gay


I hate wind power, for many reasons. They don’t exist without massive subsidies. They aren’t particularly green when you consider all the rare earth metals they consume in manufacturing. They are hopelessly inefficient. They kill birds. Then there is the visual pollution. Finally People like David Farrar think they are wonderful because they believe that they produce “free” power when the reality is they are nothing more than a highly subsidised romantic idea that is failing worldwide.

Some of Britain’s biggest wind farms are at times producing only enough electricity to make a few cups of tea, according to official industry figures.

Data released by one of the largest green energy companies shows wind farms producing enough electricity only to boil two to three kettles at a time. 

At one stage last week, three big wind farms even took electricity out of the National Grid – to run basic power supplies on site – rather than actually supplying electricity to households.

The wind farms’ owner said that in still conditions electricty “import” can occur for a few hours until the wind picks up. Such a phenomenon is known in the industry as “parasitic consumption”.

The data reveals just how much electricity is being generated by each wind farm at a given moment.

It is published by RWE npower renewables, a subsidiary of a German energy company operating 27 wind farms across England, Scotland and Wales.

The figures show just how little electricity giant turbines produce at certain times bolstering claims by critics that wind turbines cannot be relied upon to provide a constant source of electricity.

The Telegraph examined a snapshot of RWE’s own figures on Thursday afternoon last week. One wind farm Trysglwyn, which is in Anglesey in Wales, was producing a total of 6 kilowatts (KW) – just enough to boil two kettles each with 3KW of power.

The wind farm has 14 turbines and a theoretical capacity of 5.6 megawatts (MW). In other words, the wind farm was producing just 0.001 per cent of its maximum capacity.


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  • Marty

    UK wind farms are nothing like the ones here. Te Akau windfarm is producing steady, reliable power, reducing the need for hunky and the gas/coal burn, saving hydro storage, and maybe you need to go for a walk up to the farm and see for yourself – birds don’t fly around on the ridges these turbines are on – its too windy funnily enough

    • Bafacu

      What subsidy are they receiving? What price visual pollution? How will these “save the earth”? Do they have rare earth materials to build them – if so what is the cost of extraction etc? What is the life cycle of these things before they fall apart and need replacing and is that costed into the equation?

      So many questions but bugger all sensible answers that I have seen to justify them. Perhaps you could enlighten me, as I obviously don’t know enough to support them.

    • Magoo

      Wind power is only viable when it’s opposition from coal and gas burning is penalised by an ETS. Given there has been no empirical evidence given for anthropogenic global warming in over 40yrs, wind power is not what’s needed. What’s needed is a NZ government with enough balls to tell the communists in the UN and the Greens to provide some evidence for AGW or piss off.

      • snakebit

        Couldn’t agree more. Expressing these views in NZ will still have you marked for death though. While more people are waking up to their lies the crazies are still out there. You should see the response I got on the stuff website…was told I needed to be punished and was a drop kick murderer, the hate was dripping off the words and all I said was that I drove truck and didnt think human activity is the cause of global warming – if it exists at all?

    • opusx

      Clean green nuclear power is the future…days of NZ being nuke free coming to an end dude.

  • Arran Hunt

    Wind farms are as free as Minto’s free public transport and Labour’s free (insert election bribe here). That is they are “free” as in paid for by the workers of this country.

  • Garbageman

    Farrar loves them enough said…cool photo though

  • The basic problem with wind generation economics appears to be that the costings were derived over a 30 year life – and the reality in practice seems to be closer to 10 years. Plays hell with the numbers!

  • Never in the dark…..

    The only wind power that has any value from my stand point, is that which brings the America’s Cup back to NZ.