Winston’s nasty minion Asenati Lole-Taylor trips a circuit breaker

NZ First list trougher just doesn’t know when to plug her leaking skull, and shows us how by gushing it’s putrid contents all over facebook. If it wasn’t already bad enough the she was repeating the exaggerated poppycock from The Horrid and Gurnard, she attacks a National supporter who was engaging in reasonable conversation:


Having the whingeing pantywaist above her getting the sad sniffles over the lack of sympathy over a yet to be proven wrongful conviction should have been the dumbest comment in the thread, but no, Arseynasty had to go one better and open the lid on her head full of loose wiring. Hypocritical of me to say such things you might say, but no. I’m not a taxpayer funded politician.

She is meant to be a representative of the people. Instead she goes out of her way to attack without provocation all the while possibly discriminating against people with brain/spinal injuries.

If anyone is displaying a disconnect between the brain and other body parts, it is Taylor and her fingers. ?Silly cow.



The drop in the polls must be hurting.