Admit it. You’ve been wondering if there were any more

Parking reports are still coming in. ?Here’s the catch up post.

Hi Cam?Thought you might like this one for your page


G’day Cam, living here in Brunei we see all manner of idiotic
examples of parking. ?One of the issues is that the locals can get 7
year interest free car loans. ?Means inexperienced 4’10” drivers with
headscarves dropping in their eyes and texting away can buy a
monstrous vehicle and hope for the best. ?Amazingly poor spatial

This parker figured she’d gone all the way into the space and went to
do her shopping.

Mate I’ll get some shots of the triple parkers outside schools in a
day or two…puts even the Italians to shame!


It’s just not my month. ?Got to my car (2nd from left) after
work to find I was blocked in by someone who thought they were special
(I MPG I, and where they have parked is not a marked parking space).
I did manage to get out after completing a ~30 point side shuffle to
be able to drive out.

I walked back to work to print out some WOBH
tickets, and stuck one under the wiper, plus extras for the glove box. ?[ONYA! – WO]
Unfortunately my phone camera has no flash, so no legible evidence of
me having done that.

IMPGI - WOBH Parking Ticket 2013-08-22