AgResearch Kills Stuart Little while Botulism Siouxie basks

Today?s?shocking headline finally bears the truth. AgResearch killed Stuart Little.

See Stuart Little was a little mouse too, lost, looking for a home, but was brutally killed by?Ag Research scientists who are now blaming Fonterra, saying they didn?t confirm anything.

But what?s this? AgResearch?s test ?report said the batch was likely to contain botulism-causing bacteria?, and ?samples likely to be Colstridium botulinum? and ?described all samples as toxigenic?.

Now if you were a company and received a report like that what would you do!?

New found?media whore Botulism Siouxie?even has the gall to suggest that Fonterra ? a top 4 dairy company in the world, is penny pinching over something as critical as product safety. But then again, Botulism Suouxie is well known for her alarmist scaremongering based on her research of Wikipedia.

Oh what, there?s more – Ag Research was not even accredited to carry out the tests. They should have declined the work, but obviously saw the colour of money, and to hell with minor things like accreditation.

Meanwhile Stuart Little is sleeping with the fishes…